18 May 2012

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Congress Plans United 50 Country Police to control and Censor Internet Praposal put before UN

Congress Plans United 50 Country Police to control and Censor Internet Praposal put before UN

Indian Government is afraid of Cartoons and Social media everyone now knows it.

Congress that is Indian Government has proposed a hyper watchdog to police the internet. The plan has been already placed before the United nations.
As per this plan 50 member body will control the internet and act together and control the freedom of citizens.

This proposal is expected to come up for a discussion on May 18, 2012 in Geneva during the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) meeting on the issue of enhanced cooperation etc.
CIRP, the body proposed by Indian government seeks governance through at least 50 government bureaucrats / politicians with oversight and control over the internet.

This policy is against the open, democratic, inclusive and unhindered growth of the internet.

Congress government did not inform this to Indian citizens As per my Information government did not consult to anyone if you know it please mention it in the comments.

Power of Internet and social media we know, WikiLeaks and Arab spring happened because of the Freedom of internet.
Government can control the news channels, Government can control the news print media but government cannot control the Internet few citizens will dare to speak against government and that will start the fire which can change the government.

The proposed Committee for Internet Related Polices (CIRP) would be 50-member body funded by the UN.
It would have the power to oversee all internet standards bodies

The proposed regulator would rule on all internet-related disputes.

This is very simple, if any citizen writes or speaks about Politician A or M but server is in another nation so it become very difficult for government to remove that content and control that user.

But if 50 country police regulator will solve the problem even if  host or server is another country then because of 50 country police who will work under the politicians  the content will be removed quickly and government will get the IP address of that person quickly.

It will take away full privacy of the internet users and it will force all the internet companies then it may be ISP or Facebook or Google to obey every order of the 50 Member Police Chief.

If they do not obey remember then 50 countries will ban the site same time and as because of money loss everyone will obey the 50 member police chief.

Then politicians will not need any court order just a simple order from 50 Member group police chief or regulator that You are ordered to do xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or face ban in 50 nations.

Let’s hope the proposal gets rejected.

This is more dangerous than Taliban Rule or equal to Taliban Rule.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

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