28 May 2012

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Anonymous hacked BJP sites read the message given by Anonymous to Indians Join Revolution June 9

Anonymous hacked BJP sites read the message given by Anonymous to Indians Join Revolution June 9

Anonymous, an international hacker collective, defaced two websites belonging to BJP on Sunday.
Through its Twitter account (@opindia_back) it announced that




were hacked by the group

Anonymous posted following message on the websites of BJP

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
You should have expected us!
Citizens of India, This site was hacked to protest internet censorship. For the past few days we have been protesting internet censorship in India by taking down India government websites and any site that supports the blocking of file sharing websites. It is time you wake up to the nightmare that is your government! It is time you stand up for what is right. Do not let your government censor you! It is time for you to take charge. It is time you say "Enough is enough". It is time we end this cycle of corruption. Expect revolution, expect us!
Other Info:shoutout:coded32,code injector,sen,trooper,devil,w0rmer,random and entire anonymous india crew <3
twitter: @opindia_back

Students of India, Rise for your Nation
Join the June 9 Protest with Anonymous, Fight for your Freedom

To the people of India,
You are the future of this nation and hence it is your decision to make at this critical point. You out of all people will understand the oppression of others, rule of Elite, corruption and denial of rights better than any one. We have come to a time in which we can't even speak freely and even to the point where we are not allowed to think freely. They tell you to Sit in class, Obey the rules, don't allow you to speak, and once you are outside the classes they take your freedom, even at a place where everything is supposed to be yours! We are calling to every student and youth soul to join us for the struggle of freedom. On this June 9th we are calling for every one to get on the streets, organize protests or join one. Do not wait any longer, because the more you wait the more this system will crush your rights and abilities to correct it.Today they took away your right to use a few websites, tomorrow they will censor the wesites like they censor the media so that nothing against them get's reported and day after tomorrow they will take away your freedom of speech and no one will be there to speak for you. Speak Now or Never.
Protests are in Bangalore, Mangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Vizag, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. If you are organizing or want to organize a protest let us know we will let everyone know through the web. Tweet us about it at @OpIndia__Back, Dont forget to include #June9

The Mask can be downloaded from here or buy one if you get to,
Join the protest as an Anonymous, Fight for your Freedom, Fight for the Nation
Operation India #OpIndia, Come and chat with us.

Before this they have hacked congress website ,  reliance webserver.

Screen shot of BJP websites

The above message is still on the  BJP website if you are lucky you will be able to check and see that message before the website gets restored.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

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Renu May 28, 2012  

what a sinister way of protesting...dont think one can get the support of people like this..

DWei May 28, 2012  

This is hilarious. I hope it works.

virendra sharma May 28, 2012  

Thanks for this update which leaves food for thought in its wake.

aativas May 28, 2012  

How many people in India use internet - I guess 3%. I think 'internet revolution' is becoming a sort of dream! The first step seems to be site hacking!!

Kirtivasan Ganesan May 28, 2012  

Great news article, sm. Wonder how you get so much material from?