30 May 2012

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Alphabet Scam list 26 Words 26 Scam A for Adarsh Scam to Z Alphabet Scam Dictionary

Alphabet Scam list 26 Words 26 Scam A for Adarsh Scam to Z  Alphabet Scam Dictionary

Everyone learns in school A for Apple but if we should also learn the alphabets using scam names.

Below is the list of 26 Alphabets and for each alphabet one or more scam or corruption case name is given.

A.    For Adarsh Scam, Ayurveda scam, Airbus Scam, Army Land Scam

B.    For Bofors Scam, Black Money Scam, BRT Scam

C.    For Cash for vote scam, Contract Scam, CWG Scam, Cement Scam, Cooperative Bank Scam

D.    For Dam Scam,  DIAL Scam, diamond mining lease scam

E.    For Electricity Scam, Election Scam, Escort Scam

F.    For Forex derivatives Scam, Fake Gift Scam, Free Home Scam, Fodder Scam, Fake Election Vote Scam,

G.    For Gift Scam,

H.    For Helicopter Scam, Health Scam, Home Scam, Harshad Mehta Scam

I.    For ISRO Scam, IAS officer Scam, IPS officer Scam

J.    For Jeep Purchase Scam, Jain hawala Scam

K.    For Ketan Parkeh Scam, Kuo Oil Company Scam

L.    For Land Scam, Lanco Solar Panel Scam, LIC Scam

M.    For Money Laundering Scam, Multilevel Marketing Scam, Mining Scam, Maruti Scandal, Mutual Fund Scam, Metro Scam

N.    For Nyaysagar Co-operative Housing Society scam, NRHM Health Scam, Nagarwala Scam

O.    For Oil Import Scam

P.    For Pulse Import Scam, Pornography Scam, Plantation Tree Scam, Passport Scam

Q.    For Quality Control Scam,

R.    For Road Scam, Ration Card Scam, Railway Ticket Scam

S.    For street lighting scam, Sex Scam, Solar Panel Scam, Speak Asia Scam, Stock Market Scam, Satyam Scam, Spectrum Scam, S Band Scam

T.    For THAL Vaishet project scam, Telephone Scam, Telecom Scam, Toll Scam, Taj Corridor Scam

U.    For Uniform Purchase Scam

V.    For  Video Tape Scam, Vacation Scam, Vote Scam

W.    For Wakf Land Scam

X.    For X Ray Scam, XXX Movie Scam

Y.    For YSR Scam, Yes Sir Scam

Z.    For Zero Reduction Scam from different Bills or Raids

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Poster May 30, 2012  

woah, didn't know scamming was so widespread in India.

Michael May 30, 2012  

This is kind of sad there is an alphabet of scams, wish it wasn't such a popular thing. At least they have all been caught though.

cookingvarieties May 30, 2012  

hi sm, phew, such a long list. whoever thought of this ...ha ha have a nice day

Usha May 30, 2012  

sm, Good compilation of Indian scams under alphabetical category...too sad that not a single alphabet could be spared.

SM May 30, 2012  


thanks. I made the list of scam with alphabets.
just to highlight the scams.

Asha Joglekar May 31, 2012  

You have listed them A to Z Wah ! Too good. (?)