13 May 2012

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60 Years of Indian Parliament how much India Got or lost what we achieved in last sixty years Does politicians failed in respecting parliament?

60 Years of Indian Parliament how much India Got or  lost what we achieved in last sixty years Does politicians failed in respecting parliament?

Today Indian Parliament  marks its 60th anniversary, the parliament which deserves to be more respected than any God or Religion.

Indian Parliament is above the almighty.
This is what we Indian citizens expect.

But many people say now demons and bad , corrupt people have entered in parliament which is not wrong , affidavits say it and prove it.

Year 1952 -  First lower house that is Lok Sabha was formed and Congress dominated it fully and today congress dominates only name sake, now group of parties  unite and rule the India for their own benefits.

women representation in Lok Sabha has increased from five% in 1952 to 11% in 15th Lok Sabha. it is still lower in comparison to some countries.
These include

1.    Sweden (45%)

2.    Argentina (37%)

3.    UK (22%) 

4.    USA (17%)

In 1952 most MPs were ready to die for the India today I doubt this.

In 1952 No Politician got z security  and now every politician needs and gets a  z security or some type of security.

In 1952  majority people thought that politicians sitting in parliament are equal to Gods. Reason was their good deeds and sacrifice.

Today majority Indian think politicians are bad people, they are gundas and criminals and corrupt by every way, in mind, in body and in heart and in soul they are corrupt.

In 1952, only 20 percent of MPs were 56 years or older. In 2009, when the last Lok Sabha election was held, this zoomed to 43 percent.

Selfishness do not allow and permit politicians to retire, they want to die in chair, before death they want to see their own kids well established in business of politics.

Following are the few names of 1952 Lower house members

1.    Nehru

2.Lal Bahadur Shastri

3.Vallabhai Patel

4.B.R. Ambedkar

5.    Abul Kalam Azad

6.A.K. Gopalan

7.    Sucheta Kriplani

8.Jagjivan Ram

9.Sardar Hukam Singh

10.Asoka Mehta

11.Rafi Ahmed Kidwai

Lok Sabha met for an average 127 days in the 1950s and Rajya Sabha for 93 days but it has drastically gone down to 73 days for both the Houses in 2011.

in 2004  only 18 bills were passed in Parliament.

Till date, Parliament has passed 14 private members' bill and six of these were in 1956 alone.

In the current Parliament, 264 private members bills have been introduced in Lok Sabha and 160 in Rajya Sabha. Of these only 14 in Lok Sabha and 11 in Rajya Sabha have been discussed.

In 1948  Shankar drew a cartoon showing Nehru and Ambedkar, that time they both learned once did not object it and nor they bothered about that cartoon.

But after 60 years for that same Cartoon  politicians fought and wasted time of Indian parliament, even few criminals attacked office of  on one member of NCERT.

In 1952  the debates in the House were of high quality , they fought with arguments with each other.

Now  after 60 years,  our politicians in house fight with chappals, chairs, and even they do kick boxing.

In 1952,  no one tore the future law.

After 60 years our politicians in parliament do not hesitate to tore the future law , example is Lokpal Bill.

In 1952,  no politician bought the membership to upper house.

After sixty years   upper and lower house tickets are for sell.

In 1952  the qualification to get into upper or lower house was education, honesty , and desire to sacrifice for India.

After sixty years now qualification is one should be rich person, one should have criminal background.

In 1952  parliament was the place where political parties ruled.

After sixty years now  not the political parties but political business houses rule whose aim is to make more and more profits.

In 1952  Members thought about nation.

After sixty years now members first think about family , then religion, then caste, money, rarely they get time to think for India and nation.

The first Lok Sabha passed an average of 72 bills every year with debates.

After sixty years what they do and what they pass only Gods know.

Yes Indian politicians failed in their duty.

If they are honest why they do not make good laws.

Bring election reforms, bring accountability

After sixty years  villagers Indian villages and Indian city population is told to save water and electricity, but on the other hand politicians use  unlimited water and unlimited electricity.

Because of draught many districts are suffering but our Politicians want to visit to Europe as Europe and USA  and UK are considered as heavenly places.

They want to visit Europe with the tax payer’s money and other hand government says we do not have money for school and collages and roads.

But we got money for fun and Europe tours.

After sixty years Indian politicians failed the Indian parliament.

And in this failure every Indian is responsible who avoid voting or vote for the money.

What is future of Parliament?

Future depends on Indian citizens , our vote

And support for good laws like Jan Lokpal Bill and election reforms.

Watch the video showing Indian Parliament after sixty years.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

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