11 April 2012

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Time Line SIT Report Narendra Modi and 61 others not guilty no evidence in Gulberg Society massacre

Time Line SIT Report Narendra Modi and 61 others not guilty no evidence in Gulberg Society massacre

Zakia Jafri, widow of former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri who was among 69 persons killed in the Gulberg society carnage.

Zakia had filed a complaint against Modi, his ministerial colleagues, top police officials and BJP functionaries accusing them of a wider conspiracy in the 2002 riots in which more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, had been killed.

The Ahmedabad metropolitan magistrate said that The Special Investigation Team (SIT) has found no evidence against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and 61 others, including bureaucrats, police officers, ministers and political leaders, in the riots of 2002 and the SIT was closing its case against the 62, and the petitioner in the case, Zakia Jafri, would get a copy of the closure report by May 10.

magistrate M S Bhatt said that No evidence against the accused and offence is not established against the accused,”

The SIT had submitted the 40,000-page report on February 8.

According to SIT, no offence has been established against any of the 58 persons listed in Zakia’s complaint,”

As Modi was given clean chit Jafri, who lost husband Ahsan Jafri in the riots, had sought a copy. The SIT had opposed the plea.

What the plea was opposed?

Do you understand why SIT said no copy should be given to the complainant?

The complaint will get the copy only because of the Supreme Court of India.

Judge ordered that It is hereby ordered that as per Supreme Court order Zakia will be given copies of the investigation report, statements of witnesses and all related documents within 30 days of this order."

Think on this and you will understand the reality.

Supreme Court of India had asked Ramchandran to conduct an independent inquiry following allegations of bias by victims against the SIT.

SIT chief Raghavan said the complainant will have an opportunity to contest the findings of the SIT report.

Timeline of Zakia Jafri plea

1. March 3, 2008: Former Congress MP Eshan Jafri's widow Zakia Jafri approaches the SC, seeking a probe against Modi and 61 others for their role in the Gujarat riots

2. May 2010: Dissatisfied with the SIT report, the SC asked the amicus curiae to make an independent assessment

3. May 2011: The amicus curiae submitted his final report

4. September 2011: The SC refused to pass order on Modi and directed the magistrate of Ahmedabad to decide the case

5. February 8, 2012: The SIT filed a final report

6. February 9, 2012: Jafri files fresh petitions seeking copies of the SIT report

7. April 10, 2012: Court observes SIT has filed closure report with no evidence against Modi and will now, according to the SC directions, hand over copy of report to Jafri

In India it’s very difficult to get justice if accused person is a politician as investigating agency is controlled by politicians.

You know my friend got the Dog and he is so obedient that he only barks or runs when he says Go Tommy , Do Tommy otherwise Tommy is always sleeping.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Arturo April 11, 2012  

Oooh Justice...

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thx for this information
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Heard about this in the news.

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Hm, I hope this turns out well.

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Innocent until proven guilty as they say.