19 April 2012

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Project Shakti Army Communication combat system uses Chinese hardware danger of Electronic Trojan

Project Shakti Army Communication combat system uses Chinese hardware danger of Electronic Trojan

The China threat in combat hardware was raised at top levels of the government with the Vice Chief in a strongly worded letter dated March 23, 2011

The letter written by the Deputy Chief clearly outlines how major components used in the system made by BEL re of Chinese origin

The Army's Deputy Chief Lieutenant General VS Tonk has raised the issue of Chinese hardware being used in the combat systems with the Ministry of Defense.

Indian Army's combat system could be seriously compromised as defense PSU Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has used Chinese hardware in the systems.

The presence of electronic Trojans, the Army says has very serious ramifications.

Project Shakti – Know about Project Shakti

“SHAKTI” Artillery Combat Command and Control System (ACCCS), a fully digitized, integrated and networked system jointly developed by Bharat Electronics limited (BEL), Bangalore, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) and Project Management Organization (PMO) ACCCS of Directorate General of Information Systems (DGIS)

Project SHAKTI is the first among the various Combat Command Control and Information (C31) systems being fielded in the Army.
It is a network of military grade tactical computers automating and providing decision support for all operational aspects of Artillery functions from the corps down to a battery level. The system is also designed to seamlessly integrate with overall C31 grid. Project SHAKTI, thus will be the hub center of the fire power resource component of the corps combat potential. The major functions that the systems can perform are:-

• Technical fire control for accurate delivery of fire power at the right time and place.

• Tactical fire control for optimum utilization of available resources.

• Fire planning.

• Deployment management to ensure timely and speedy deployment to achieve maximum fire densities at critical area.

• Operational logistics management.

'SHAKTI' will give the capability to concentrate the Artillery fire power at tactical level with ease and delivering the decisive blow by concentrated fire power at critical areas to ensure victory in battle.

India needs to make and follow a unspoken law that it will never use the parts made by the country with which India has fought a war in the past.

Source – CNN IBN

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

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