06 April 2012

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Odisha to Free 27 Naxals Prisoners for MLA Want Freedom from Jail Kidnap Abduct a MLA ,foreigner

Odisha to Free 27 Naxals Prisoners for MLA Want Freedom from Jail Kidnap Abduct a MLA ,foreigner

On Thursday
Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik named the 27 Naxals who would be released in exchange for the abducted Italian tourist Paolo Bosusco and BJD MLA Jhina Hikaka.

The Italian, Paolo Bosusco, who runs a tour company in Orissa, was captured by the Naxals on March 14 along with another Italian man, Claudio Colangelo, who was released 11 days later.

Jhina Hikaka, an MLA from the ruling BJD party, was taken hostage on March 25

While 23 people are being freed in exchange for the MLA, another four will be released from prison for the Italian hostage.

Now what message this will send to Naxals.

India needs a law which will clearly forbid any exchange and in such a situation army should be given order that go kill and bring back, even if abducted get killed.

No Compromise what may happen.

Compromise only happens where an element of corruption is or Naxals are more powerful than army.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

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Jim April 06, 2012  

Interesting news, glad hes free.

BK Chowla, April 06, 2012  

We are incapable of fighting kidnappers and highjackers.
Shame on us

cookingvarieties April 06, 2012  

hi sm, interesting post. we never have this kind of trade-ins before
have a nice day

virendra sharma April 06, 2012  

SM this is an exchange programme which a soft state conducts an d runs every now and then ,it is a spine less dispensation .

Baur April 06, 2012  

Good to hear hes free now

DWei April 07, 2012  

Sounds like a giant mess. :|

Jyoti Mishra April 07, 2012  

feels disgusted when we see such helplessness of govt in such situations !!

Kirtivasan Ganesan April 07, 2012  

That was not a good decision. Pride is totally lacking in people of importance.

Arun sahoo December 03, 2013  

thanks for this nice post! interesting news.

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