01 April 2012

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Indian Government brings back Rs 1412 lakh Crore black money from tax heaven nations IBN Expose

Indian Government brings back Rs 1412 lakh Crore black money from tax heaven nations IBN Expose

IBN reported that as per their investigations that the government has reclaimed almost all of the black money lying in offshore tax havens - a staggering Rs 1412 lakh Crore. This is almost 70 times higher than the figure of Rs 70 lakh Crore which Ramdev Baba or BJP and other said.

The money is so much if it’s brought back India will beat the China in a day as soon as Indian government recovers that money.

Another problem Congress government must be facing that how to invest that money in a corrupt India where now a days we find corruption everywhere from clothes or food items.

Everywhere I see I see only corruption
Do you know any project in India which you think got completed without corruption?

As per IBN a stud farm owner, entertainment mogul, former central ministers and bureaucrats got the money outside of India that is they have kept their money in tax heaven countries.

In which countries the black money is kept?

1. Switzerland

2. Cayman Islands

3. British Virgin Islands

4. Mauritius

5. St Kitts

As soon as the recovered money is put into the Indian Economy, next day India will become the 2nd biggest economy beating China without doing anything.

In 2011 wikileaks the god of Information revealed that
Indian government officials held a top secret meeting with the Swiss authorities regarding the transfer of black money to India.

A WikiLeaks document with the reference code AFD1241 stated that the Indian official met Finance Secretary Olof Rilap, who also sits on the board of Switzerland's oldest and most prominent banks

The documents state that almost 45 per cent of the money is with Swiss bank accounts, 10 per cent with Guatemala, Costa Rica and Uruguay, 20 per cent with Liechtenstein banks, and 25 per cent with Cayman Islands (United Kingdom), The Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey (United Kingdom

May be this is another April Fool revelation or real news I do not know

But reality will not change

I am sure Indian government will not bring money unless and until that money becomes legal in India and such laws will be framed that Laws will prohibit Indians to know the names of criminals who kept their black money outside India.
How much black money we Indians got and who received that and how much fine they paid or no fine at all.

We will never know this information

India needs more Anna and Ramdev Baba if we want to know about black money

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

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Treat and Trick April 01, 2012  

That are pretty hefty sum! Thanks for the info!

Arti April 01, 2012  

So much money! Cant imagine how much good it will do to our country!
Nice post.

BK Chowla, April 01, 2012  

April fool???????????

दिगम्बर नासवा April 01, 2012  

अप्रैल फूल है लगता है ये खबर ... हा हा ...

Jyoti Mishra April 01, 2012  

definitely an april fool :P
but I wish hard that may be in time ahead it becomes reality !!

Rajesh April 02, 2012  

I hope this is really true.

Anonymous,  April 02, 2012  


Content Hedgehog April 02, 2012  

I didn't even know what black money was until today.

Bikram April 02, 2012  

APril fool for sure .. otherwise you seriously think the govt will bring that money back.. YEAH they might if they think they can keep most of it for themself.

I have my doubts for sure , I doubt if it will ever happen.
and moreover logivcally if thes safe havens give back the money then who is going to invest there No one.. it is SAFE haven because it is SAFE :)