10 March 2012

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What Rahul Gandhi should do to bring back the magic of name Gandhi and votes for Congress Party

What Rahul Gandhi should do to bring back the magic of name Gandhi and votes for Congress Party

Elections 2012 everyone saw that the name Gandhi does not work any more if you still think its working then also you can not reject that the magic of Gandhi name is vanishing , diminishing.

So what Rahul Gandhi should do to bring back votes and win the elections 2014.
What Rahul Gandhi should do to improve the image of Congress party.

1. Order the party leaders, top party leaders not to speak now and then foolishly

2. Be a national leader not a Uttar Pradesh Leader

3. Travel all over India not to one state only

4. Oppose Nuclear Energy

5. Support Solar, Wind and Water energy

6. FDI Investment More discussions and tough laws to protect farmers and Consumers 60 to 70% compulsory purchase rule for Big Malls from India

7. See that Government is represented clearly in Supreme Court, example gay case

8. Develop local leaders Develop party locally

9. Aim to win all seats in any election - always independently all seats Contest all seats in all elections

10. In elections always fight all the election seats no alliance in any
elections , after elections only alliance with other parties to form government

11. Make Congress again national party, the party who does not contest all election seats is not national party for me.

12. Try to introduce 50% Reservation for Females in Congress party

13. Try to bring law which will give 50% reservation to females in elections forever

14. Try to pass the law which will declare all the foreign bank account money as the national money national property

15. Try to pass or introduce Lokpal bill Lokpal Bill as good as Jan Lokpal bill

16. Make strict laws , try to bring Police Reforms

17. Try to bring accountability for Politicians

18. Try to bring retirement age for politicians

19. Try to bring right to reject on voting machines Support Right to Reject

20. Don’t be silent watcher, Learn to answer Anna Hazare, Ramdev Baba

21. Be vocal , Talk on national and International happenings , Support the minorities like gay problems, farmers problems

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

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SDS March 10, 2012  

Supreme court already favoured uniform civil code. UP high court already issued a judgement for the construction of temple at Ayodhya disputed site. J&K people and pakistani people almost made up their mind for an united India. But BJP dropped all those issues. So Rahul Gandhi should initiate these things. He can win 400+ seats for UPA then!All the best young leader!

ra March 10, 2012  

best thing i believe rahul should do is to stay away from politics...it doesnt mean if you are gandhi you have an attitude or intellect to be a politician...

Joseph Pulikotil March 10, 2012  

Illiteracy is very high in UP. Which ever party gives maximum money will get the votes.

But there are many important things Rahul can do. Corrupt politicians should be debarred from contesting elections for ever. Pass a strong Lok Pal bill. Arrest inflation.

I only wonder whether he can do these things.

Best wishes,

Happy Kitten March 11, 2012  

But why should this country bank on another Gandhi?

Rajiv Gandhi never wanted to be in politics but he came, blundered and was killed. The same story is being repeated in the case of Rahul too. He can never lead this country, so let him live his live in peace and this may lead to the nation getting another capable leader.

Teamgsquare March 12, 2012  

@rahul aggarwal
Perfectly said . Just stay from politics ....

SM March 12, 2012  

rahul aggarwal,thanks.
Joseph Pulikotil, thanks.
Team G Square,,thanks.