08 March 2012

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Vanishing Magic of Name Gandhi – LokSabha 2014 Warning Bell for Congress

Vanishing Magic of Name Gandhi – LokSabha 2014 Warning Bell for Congress

Current elections that is 2012 elections every one saw the magic of Name Gandhi did not work and congress did not get the votes.

The problem with the congress is that they still think Indian citizens will vote for them whatever Congress party may do, The Indian citizens will vote for the Gandhi.

Before Internet the news was controlled by Media and Government 

but now everything thing has changed.

Today everyone understands and knows who is trying to fool them and who will be more beneficial for them.

Now the magic of name Gandhi will not work and Congress will not get the votes only on the name of Gandhi.

Congress has to understand the power of Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba indirectly or directly they are influencing the voters.

Current generation gets updated about the national as well as international news in details with positive and negative points every second.

The incident happens and it’s on internet with the details, in past these things never happened,

People never knew the truth about Kashmir, Sikh Problem, Bhopal Problem and all types of scams but now Social media has changed everything 

Indian citizens know what political parties are doing and how they are fooling the Indian citizens.

Today if Congress and BJP do not improve I am sure there will be no national party after 20 years in India and regional parties will rule everything , India will have forever multiparty governments.

Now people want the leaders who work for there city and people want  the leaders who will work for the India.

Simply they will not vote for your Name.

Now Congress should start to work for the 2014 elections, 2012 election result was a demo and if still congress does not improve only nature knows how many seats Congress will loose.

The 2012 elections showed that Indian citizens understanding how to vote and how to choose the good master for them.

The people who do not vote they are uneducated or corrupt or Nalayak who do not love India.

Congress must pass the Janlokpal Bill and should declare all the black money kept outside India as a national property of India by passing a law if they want to win elections 2014 and if they want to keep the magic of Gandhi surname otherwise very soon just like Singh and Bose people will start to forget the Gandhi name and Gandhi name will became just like any other name Yadav or Singh.

India saw  many generations who just voted for Gandhi surname in each election without understanding the importance of their vote.

Now India is changing and Gandhi has to change with the times and introduce reforms in India otherwise

The elections showed that the just statements and manifesto do not work; the reservation lollypop doesn’t work; now Indian citizens want the action and reforms for the benefit of India not benefits for the particular caste and religion.

If you want votes do something not just words and speeches without actions.

Do the action and Reforms before the magic of name Gandhi Vanishes forever.

Only Reforms will keep the magic working for Gandhi Name.

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

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Rakesh Kumar March 09, 2012  

Your views are quite true,SM.
But,politics still utilizes
the division of votes and vote banks.
This is also not very much encouraging.
Let us see how the winners behave.

I am missing you on my blog.

Sandhya March 09, 2012  

Even after the whole Gandhi clan including Priyanka, went there for vote catching, it didn't work. Well analyzed article, SM!

Anonymous,  March 09, 2012  

well said sm


BK Chowla, March 09, 2012  

Any brand had a shelf life.This brand is close to its end

Kirtivasan Ganesan March 09, 2012  

Yes, shameful defeat for Congress. They did not have an answer to such a spirited rejection from all states. All the people were united to give a spirited defeat to Congress.

SM March 09, 2012  

BK Chowla,, thanks.
Kirtivasan, thanks.

Khoty Mathur March 09, 2012  

Very astute analysis, sm. We don't depend on only the media or on rhetoric. I think Rahul is a nice person but wouldn't make a good PM. There are so many more intelligent and educated young people who could represent India and Indians.

Destination Infinity March 10, 2012  

I have not been following the results of this election. But I guess your site should have covered it, I will search for it.

Destination Infinity

sm March 10, 2012  

Destination Infinity,,thanks.

ra March 10, 2012  

i always had this gut feeling that rahul gandhi will never be able to make it!!!