25 March 2012

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USA paid 50,000$ for each killing 11000$ for wounds Afghanistan citizens

USA paid 50,000$ for each killing 11000$ for wounds Afghanistan citizens

One American dollar equals to 45 to 50 Indian Rupees.

50,000 multiply by 50 Rs = 2500000 Indian Rupees.

The United States has paid $50,000 in compensation for each Afghan killed in the shooting and each wounded person received $11,000.

Saturday the families of the dead received money.
They were told that the money came from U.S. President Barack Obama.

It’s not clear how much money USA paid as all contracts are confidential.

Now suppose same thing happens in India, and Indian police officers kills a Indian citizen how much money that family will receive?

1000 dollars or 5000 dollars or nothing at all.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

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रविकर March 25, 2012  

आश्चर्य-जनक ||

Rachit March 25, 2012  

the post looks so materialistic to me ...

Weakest LINK

Kirtivasan Ganesan March 28, 2012  

Where is the police action in India? Police and army themselves are thieves. They do not have pride. Government cannot teach them pride for their jobs.
Government gives compensation in rupees from its fund. Businessman will take chavvanni from a dead man's pocket. This is the harsh reality.
Regarding dollars, Hindu Indians think that the whole world is one. They believe in universal laws based on nature. Not on self styled preachers.

SM April 05, 2012  


whole world one is one in only books and not in reality.