25 March 2012

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Divorce Denial of sex by husband or wife a mental cruelty

Divorce Denial of sex by husband or wife a mental cruelty

The lower court granted divorce to husband after that wife filed an appeal in the High Court

The Delhi high court has granted divorce to a husband, maintaining that denial of sex by his wife amounted to mental cruelty.

He claimed that she had refused to have sex with him on the wedding night and was thereafter unresponsive; she "was like deadwood when he had sexual intercourse with her".

The man argued that in the five months he and his wife stayed as a couple after marriage, they had sex only 10-15 times.

According to case records, the couple married in February 1991 but the wife left five months later.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Tenment Funster March 25, 2012  

Some people really shouldn't engage in serious relationships.

Shaw March 25, 2012  

wow, that's silly

cookingvarieties March 25, 2012  

hi sm. i do agree with the man. i think the wife does not know what marriage means. he has his right in the name of "Human Rights".. furthermore she also does not want him.

Kirtivasan Ganesan March 26, 2012  

A third middle man(known to both man and wife, most of the times to wives) normally gets involved in such cases for the welfare of the family. But this has not happened in this case.
They both wanted separation probably.