03 March 2012

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Another Reason to say No to Nuclear Energy Oldbury Nuclear Power Station worlds oldest power plant shutdown

Another Reason to say No to Nuclear Energy Oldbury Nuclear Power Station worlds oldest power plant shutdown

UK -

The world's oldest running nuclear power station that is
Oldbury Nuclear Power Station near Thornbury, South Gloucester switched off the site's only remaining reactor - which first generated electricity in 1967

The nuclear power station was in used for 44 years.

it will also cost £954million for the 175 acre site to be completely cleared, with the final stage anticipated to take place between 2092 and 2101.

Plant will not give any energy now but the expenses will be

1. £954million for the 175 acre site

2. Cleaning process will finish in year 2092 and 2101

1000 British Pound GBP = 78,557.60 INR

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority estimates that Oldbury will enter a 'care and maintenance' phase in 2027

This is when reactors are left to cool, most structures are removed and the reactor buildings are left in a safe state requiring minimum supervision.

Final site clearance is expected to commence between 2092 and 2101.

The world's oldest running nuclear power plant is now Beznau in Switzerland, which was switched on in 1969.

As nuclear power station is shutdown now the another process will start to clean up
And this process will waste the money , will not give any benefits to society but danger will be their always.

Today we got alternatives like Solar power, wind power , water power and many other and combination of all these will solve all the energy problems.

We do not need nuclear energy.

Just think if same money is used for Solar and Wind and Water will not solve the problems.

Always Say No to Nuclear Energy

Say Yes to nuclear energy only for scientific purpose limited purpose to do experiments

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

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Rick (Ratty) March 03, 2012  

Maybe one day we'll be able to have only good things like solar, wind, and water power.

neatfit March 03, 2012  

I don't think we're there yet with solar or wind energy, with water - sure, and UK has got an awful lot of water around them, problem is that you need running water or waves. In terms of solar.. Hopefully we'll see some improvements soon, because right now, 9 times out of 10 it's not really worth a change in the eyes of the owners. And they think business.

Omnislash March 03, 2012  

I definitely would rather us spend that money on solar power instead.

Alucard0691 March 03, 2012  

Finally shuting down all those power plants. It's about time.

sm March 03, 2012  

Ratty, thanks.
neatfit, thanks.
Omnislash, thanks.

Destination Infinity March 03, 2012  

I think nuclear energy is not even worth for research. We need a blanket ban on this form of irresponsible energy (and nuclear bombs) all across the world. Solar/wind/geo-thermal/tidal energy definitely have a lot of potential and together they can generate more energy than nuclear. We need to harness the power of the running water in rivers and falling water in water-falls. We need micro electric generator systems and projects based on that.

Destination Infinity