26 March 2012

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1st Laptop then ipad2 and now Ipad3 Karnataka MLA now demand Ipad 3

1st Laptop then ipad2 and now Ipad3 Karnataka MLA now demand Ipad 3

During the JDS-BJP coalition government each legislator was gifted a laptop using tax payer’s money.

After that parliament passed sanctioned each MP Rs 50,000 to buy an iPad.

After this In December 2011, 75 MLCs were given 64GB iPads each worth Rs 46,900 at a total cost of Rs 35.17 lakh.

The secretariat last week gave away 64GB iPad-2 to all 225 MLAs for over Rs 1 crore.

The most expensive 4G model, with 64GB of storage, will go for $829 (Rs 42,797).

Media has reported that they are not happy with that and now they are demanding ipad 3 the latest version.

My simple question is if you cannot give latest life style to your citizens why you need the latest version

You should not even use the laptop as 70% Indians do not own the laptop.

Also India is a poor country we do not have money to give subsidy to petrol and cooking gas.

Do you think politicians want to enjoy more porn so they want I pad 3?

What is the use of I pad 3 to the politicians?

If politicians use the Ipad 3 how it will benefit to the Indian Citizens?

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Monday, March 26, 2012

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Tenment Funster March 27, 2012  

Well, ipads are not a bad thing if politics are going to use it to actually work. Perfect way to spare paper if you ask me.

sm,  March 28, 2012  

@Tenment Funster

But reality is that they will use the paper after getting ipad 3 also.
here no one cares about the concept go green and be green.