07 February 2012

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Video Karnataka 2 Ministers Laxman Savadi CC Patil caught watching porn in state assembly

Video Karnataka 2 Ministers Laxman Savadi CC Patil caught watching porn in state assembly

Updated on Monday, March 05, 2012

Karnataka Co-operation Minister Laxman Savadi and Karnataka Women and Child Welfare Minister CC Patil were caught watching obscene content inside the state Assembly.

Both were caught watching an obscene video on their phones.

Karnataka BJP Minister Laxman Savadi watches porn videos during Vidhana Sabha ,
The television camera crews which were stationed in the legislative assembly caught cooperation minister Lakshman Savadi watching a clip on a mobile phone.
The minister was said to be watching the clip while the assembly was engaged in a heated debate

Laxman Savadi told to media following –
He admitted watching in the Assembly.
He said that Yes it is like a blue film. It was on Minister for Ports Krishna Palemar's mobile. The video clippings had women dancing and they were raped by four men. Palemar told me such things happen abroad in rave parties.
Since the House was discussing the Malpe rave party, I watched it,"
Yes I watched it.
But I have not committed any crime. It is not on my mobile. Just watching it is not a crime."

Little bit information regarding Maple Rave Party -
Karnataka Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda has ordered an inquiry in on the rave party in St Mary's Island near Malpe coast in Udupi district, headed by regional commissioner.
On February 3 the event was jointly organized by Udupi district administration in association with 3W Concepts to promote tourism.
The party video footage showed a foreign couple in compromising position during the party.
Regarding this Congress took the objections and congress members alleged that drugs and narcotics were used by the foreigners in that party.

Watching porn in private is not crime.

But they were caught watching porn inside assembly.

The Speaker has said that law will take its own course.

Yes law will take its own course
Just hope the result will come after 100 Years.

Where is the respect of assembly?

If the same clip was shown on TV without editing what will have happened.

Immediate cancellation of license or blacking of TV staff.

Now where are the cultural or religious police or Gundas?

Watch the video Karnataka Ministers watching Porn inside Assembly.

Updated – Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Caught red handed 3 Karnataka ministers - Lakshman Savdi, C C Patil and Krishna B Palemar - have resigned.

Their resignations have been forwarded to the governor for acceptance.

1. Savdi was holding cooperation portfolio

2. Patil was woman and child development minister

3. Palemar was looking ports and environment

Updated on Monday, March 05, 2012

Nehru Olekar, one of the four BJP members of the committee told to media that
More than 15 legislators saw those tapes inside the Assembly on that day.
They belong to all the three main parties (BJP, Congress and JD-S).

Olekar also said that House Committee would hold its next sitting on March 8 in Bangalore and will examine witnesses and notices are also issued to o the three former ministers to appear before the committee on March 8 at 11 am.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

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Renu February 08, 2012  

what perverts our ministers are !and then they have the guts to say its not a crime..shame on them and shame on us who elected them.

padmaja February 08, 2012  

The minister kept defending himself when the TV9 journalist attacked him with direct questions that would have made any other hang in shame..pathetic.. people who have least regard for Vidhan Soudha have no right to sit inside.

Thanks for your visit, Sm, now on to catching up with the other posts here..

Teamgsquare February 08, 2012  

Such a shame ........

Kirtivasan Ganesan February 08, 2012  

These ministers have at least resigned.
Narendra Modi does not resign. He gives a higher spirited fight!

sm,  February 08, 2012  

Team G Square, thanks.
BK Chowla,, thanks.

Bikram February 08, 2012  

the question is will they be brought to the task or as usual until next scam or story only this will be remembered


Chindra February 08, 2012  

Every chance they where watching 3gp videos, maybe also a mp4 video.

Unknown February 08, 2012  

bad 4r our nation....

SM February 09, 2012  


Anbu Ras February 10, 2012  

shame shame puppy shame:):):):):):):)

Anonymous,  February 16, 2012  

the all should be hanged at the crowded market in front of everybody