28 February 2012

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Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your support.

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Thanks for your support.
And thanks to all blog readers who read and were unable to say anything as this happens with me also sometime I read the blog and then just find it difficult what to say or how to express or what to say in a comment.

Thanks for support.

He suffered lot but he never told us.
For cancer there are only 3 treatments are available.
Surgery, Chemo, and Radiation.

Because of allergic problems Surgery and chemo was not possible so he got radiation sessions.

I will just say please be aware about cancer and as Cancer kills.

If detected on 1st stage only then we get the chance to extend our life by getting combination therapy Surgery plus chemo or radiation.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Happy Kitten February 28, 2012  

SM: On Feb 17th a year has passed since my FIL was taken away by cancer. We were also late in detecting the killer and initially it was very difficult to accept the fact. He had a major surgery but unfortunately the surgeon discouraged from starting chemo owing to his age (82).. but he was a healthy man and we still regret that decision. But he did not suffer for long and that is our only comfort. May God Almighty keep each one of us safe in His mighty arms...we are helpless in certain situations and can only abide by His will.

Saru Singhal March 02, 2012  

All I can say now is May he rest in peace...