24 February 2012

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Hug Girlfriend indecent act Kuber Sarup paid Rs.1200 not to stay in lock up for hug Mumbai Police

Hug Girlfriend indecent act Kuber Sarup paid Rs.1200 not to stay in lock up for hug Mumbai Police

Kuber Sarup
Age - 25
Place - Mumbai Khar Police

On Thursday Kuber Sarup met with her girl friend, they talked with each other.

After that they started find auto or rickshaw for her.

Once they found auto, Kuber Sarup gave her a friendly hug and a peck on her cheek as a farewell gesture, after which she stepped into the rickshaw. In a moment, a police inspector and a constable attached to the Khar police station emerged from the nearby police chowki.

Police accused him of engaging in indecent behavior in public.

He tried to explain them but they did not listen him.

Sarup was then stuffed into a police van and taken to the Khar police station.

Then police demanded Rs.1200 as a deposit, so they could present him to court the
Following day, for his 'indecent act'.

He refused to pay fine.

Then police gave him 2 options
1. Pay the deposit and appear in Court next day
2. Spend the night in lock up

Problem in India is that what is decent and Indecent is not clearly defined and police decide what is decent and what is not decent.

Our Court should now start to give more importance to the freedom of individual and not the decent and indecent.

The boy has no problem and girl has no problem what is bad in Hugging.

Spitting on road is indecent.
Doing Pee on the road is indecent.
Walk on any road for 10 minutes I am sure you will find few people doing that act on road side corner.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

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Sandhya February 24, 2012  

Where was the police inspector when the Karnataka ministers were watching porn when the Assembly was going on...with our money for expenditure...

DWei February 24, 2012  

Another reason to never pay a visit to India.

Saru Singhal February 24, 2012  

True...we should first stop what is actually indecent and dirty.

sm,  February 25, 2012  

Sandhya, thanks.
Saru Singhal, thanks.

ra February 28, 2012  

such incidents leave a bad image of our country to the world. no i am not talking about the PDA but the police nonsense act !

Jeevan March 01, 2012  

wonder who is indecent, the police or Sarup! there can't be a rule how far the expression of love and emotion should be.`

sm March 01, 2012  

rahul aggarwal,thanks.
Jeevan, thanks.