20 February 2012

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Disabled Jeeja Ghosh not allowed to fly in Spice Jet Not Fit to fly who flies internationally

Disabled Jeeja Ghosh not allowed to fly in Spice Jet Not Fit to fly who flies internationally

Jeeja Ghosh is Indian. She is 42 Years Old.
As a student she lived alone and independently in United Kingdom.
Jeeja Ghosh is working as a teacher at Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy in Kolkata.
She is frequent traveler; she traveled in India and Abroad also many times.
She has traveled alone in past also.

But this time Jeeja Ghosh was offloaded because the pilot felt she was not fit to fly.
Other passengers also supported her but pilot did not allow her to travel.

Meaning of Offload –
• to remove goods from a container or vehicle and put them somewhere else
• if a vehicle or ship offloads, the goods that are on it are removed

Ghosh told to media that such pilots do not deserve to do job and she demanded a show cause notice be issued against such people.
She has filed a complaint against Pilot.

This happened with her in India, this happens always with disabled citizens of India in a so called largest Indian democracy.

Why this happens in India now and then?

Once again reason is same No Punishment and No Fines which will make them learn a lesson.

Suggested Amendment - In such a situation each individual victim who got harassed should receive Rs. 1 Crore as fine within 30 days or automatically such a victim will become the One percent partner of the Airline Company.

Once this type of law is passed All Airline companies will give training to all Pilots.

Now what happens say sorry and forget and no one learns anything , no one improves and disabled people keep suffering in India.

If same thing happens in USA what will happen?
Airline will get punishment.
Pilot will get punishment.

Watch the video Know Jeeja Ghosh

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Monday, February 20, 2012

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Renu February 20, 2012  

and she missed her seminar..she must be compensated..

Jeevan February 20, 2012  

The pilot needs some fine and punishment to realize his mistake to never follow again. Coming under such category (disabled) I condemn the act and wonder will I also receive such harassment if I like to travel on plane! huh

Thanks for bring this into our notice sm.

Sandhya February 20, 2012  

Yes, as she said, punishment should be severe, then most of the offences will reduce.

ra February 23, 2012  

welcome to the land of corrupt jeeja ..

feel sorry for such a sad state of our country .. no respect for humans !!!

sm February 23, 2012  

Jeevan, thanks.
rahul aggarwal,thanks.