03 February 2012

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Ban Inhuman Made Snana ritual Karnataka Temples Understand the Made Snana Ritual

Ban Inhuman Made Snana ritual Karnataka Temples Understand the Made Snana Ritual

Inhuman Made Snana Ritual is performed in many temples in Karnataka state in 21st Century also proving that in India humans are not equal.

What is the Made Snana Ritual?

This tradition or custom or ritual of Made Snana is more than 400 Years old.

The Made Snana ritual involves people from lower castes rolling on the leftovers of food eaten by upper castes.

Made snana is ritual of rolling by lower caste people on plantain leaves left by Brahmins after taking lunch in Karnataka temples.

Constitution of India says all Indian citizens are equal.

Then where is equality in India?

How Government of India and Karnataka state can can allow such inhuman rituals.

Nearly all reforms in India happened during the British Rule.

What is the reason Government is not banning such inhuman ritual which clearly shows that upper caste is superior.

Made Snana' is an annual ritual held in Kukke Subramanya temple and at another temple in Pavagada taluk of Tumkur district.

Do you know any upper caste that will do it same thing rolling on leftovers of lower caste Indian citizens?

Ban the Made Snana Ritual.

Do you think this is equal to racism or worse than racism.

Is it not equal to practicing untouchability?

I do not know why High Court Judges and Supreme Court Judges do not use their powers to stop such inhuman ritutal.

If High Court or Supreme Court Judge wants they can take cognizance of such inhuman rituals and then it will get banned quickly.

Watch the video lower caste Indian citizens rolling on the leftovers of higher caste Indian Citizens.

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Friday, February 03, 2012

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Kirtivasan Ganesan February 04, 2012  

Upper caste men are the worst.
First they remove bindi from widow and get her head shaved and make her wear simple saree.
Now they make lower caste men roll on leftover food of theirs.
Luckily I am not uppermost in upper caste. I am lowermost in upper caste.
Such posts should be avoided. Only business barons and industrialists want awareness.

Naveen Mani Tripathi February 05, 2012  

very very useful thanx for this post.

amuda and only amuda April 27, 2012  

India is mainly not developed because of these idiots in the temples .. Kick them from the country.. I think they are the most dirtiest people in the world.. their blood is worst than a sewage