10 February 2012

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Army Chief V K Singh Age Case Withdrawn Matter Closed Compromised

Army Chief V K Singh Age Case Withdrawn Matter Closed Compromised

Today case regarding the age of Army Chief V K Singh was withdrawn and it looks like matter ,case was compromised.

Few days back VK Singh visited politicians home at late night.
What happened in that meeting only they both know.

At the start of the hearing, attorney general G E Vahanvati informed the Supreme Court that government has withdrawn its December 30,2011 order rejecting Gen Singh's statutory complaint on his age issue.

SC said that all documents at threshold when Gen Singh joined Indian Military Academy and National Defense Academy contain the date of birth as May 10,1950.

SC also said that he should honor his letters of 2008 and 2009 accepting the date of birth as May 10, 1950, the court said during over two-hour long hearing in a packed court room.

As both sides argued their case, the Supreme Court judges said
"No scope for us to interfere. We don't doubt your honesty." But they also said that crucial "threshold" documents list the General's date of birth as 1950, and "You accepted it.
It is a matter of record. Then you became army chief."
The judges also said that it was clear as far back as 2008 that two branches of the army -thee Adjutant General and the Military Secretary had different dates of birth for him.
"The matter was discussed with you at the highest level and you accepted 1950,"

The Supreme Court said, "The most vital and relevant piece is the date of birth (DoB) recorded in the UPSC form. We are not concerned with you real or actual date of birth in the current case."

Today General Singh was not present in the Court.

Finally, Gen Singh withdrew his petition when the court hearing resumed at 2 pm
General Singh is scheduled to retire at the end of May based on his date of birth being May 10, 1950.
In view of this, Gen Singh will have to retire on May 31 2012.

In short timeline of the case –

1965: V.K. Singh's UPSC form for the National Defense Academy examination mentions May 10, 1950 as his birth date.

1970: Singh is commissioned into the Indian Army's Rajput Regiment as a second lieutenant. Adjutant General's branch records the birth date as May 10, 1951 on the basis of school certificate.

2006: Age row brought up by army's Military Secretary's branch on the basis of the UPSC form as he is selected for promotion as Corps Commander in the rank of Lt. Gen.; undertakes to accept any decision on his age by then army chief Gen. J.J. Singh in 'organizational interest'.

2008: the Military Secretary warns of disciplinary action if 1950 not accepted as year of birth; Singh agrees on 1950 in writing.

2010 - April 2010: Takes over as Army chief on Gen. Deepak Kapoor's retirement. Age 1950 considered.

2011 - Singh's petition to restore 1951 as year of birth rejected by defense ministry

Dec 30, 2011: Singh's statutory complaint too rejected by defense ministry on advocate general's advice.

Jan 16, 2012: Singh files petition in Supreme Court against age plea rejections.

Feb 3, 2012: Supreme Court tells defense ministry; asks it to withdraw Dec 30, 2011 order or it will be quashed.

Feb 10, 2012: Government withdraws the Dec 30 Order informs Supreme Court Singh withdraws petition in Supreme Court after he is asked to do so by the judges.

By moving to Court Army chief showed the courage to file a case against Government.

Normally majority Indians fear to file a case against anyone which includes government.
They do not speak against the injustice.

Normally in majority times case gets compromised.

Now question remain -
Two parties unite can they make illegal age legal one by signing paper.

Reality views by sm

Friday, February 10, 2012

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dopdavid February 11, 2012  

crazynesss, just totally wacky politics

BK Chowla, February 11, 2012  

How I wish, this institution was left alone by the Govt and should not have been brought out in public domain.

SM February 11, 2012  

BK Chowla,, thanks.