20 January 2012

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Pulse Import Scam Rs.1200 Crore CAG Finding CBI to Probe Scam Now

Pulse Import Scam Rs.1200 Crore CAG Finding CBI to Probe Scam Now

The CAG report for the period of 2006-2011 - Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, leader of the Nationalist Congress Party and a senior member of the union government, held the food distribution and consumer affairs portfolio during the period.

CAG in its report said that ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution caused a loss of over Rs1, 200 crore to state-owned commodity trading agencies [The real owner is the every Indian citizen who is dying everyday without food] by not monitoring imports of pulses.

In India demand for Yellow Peas is very less; very less one can say demand is Neligible.
Loss of Rs.1200 Crore in this Loss of Rs.900 Crore happened because of Yellow Peas.

What was the reason to Import the Pulses?
The reason for the import of pulse was to stabilize the prices of Pulse.

Year 2006 –
Government of India asked the state-owned trading agencies - MMTC, STC, PEC and Nafed to import pulses.
30.04 lakh tones were imported and sold only 26.95 lakh tonnes of pulses against the targeted quantity of import and sale of 53.10 lakh tonnes of pulses.

CAG Report Findings –

1. CAG in its report said that As against the targeted quantity of import and sale of 53.10 lakh tonnes of pulses during 2006-11, the agencies imported 30.04 lakh tonnes and sold 26.95 lakh tonnes of pulses during this period, incurring losses totaling Rs1,201.32 crore on these transactions.

2. The implementation of the subsidy scheme worked more in favor of large private traders than in favor of the common man.

3. In its report CAG said that import and distribution of pulse was not handled properly.

4. The wrong method or say biased tendering process helped private companies get the contracts for the distribution of imported pulses at the expense of state trading agencies.

5. Private companies failed to bring the imported pulses in the domestic Indian market.

6. The pulses sold were not lifted by the private buyers on time, as a result of which their availability in the market was restricted for long periods and raised prices.

7. The bidding process was tough and a restrictive tendering process. Thus small players could not get it. Only 4 companies were selected to dispose of about 6.8 million tonnes of pulses.

8. Following are the names of 4 companies who got the contract - LMJ International/LMJ Overseas, R Piyarelal Imports and Exports Pvt Ltd/RP Foods, Prime Impex and SRS Pvt Ltd.

9. Yellow pea stock was available in India but still Yellow Peas were imported and yellow peas do not have any demand in India.

10. Cabinet decided that using Public Distribution System imported pulses will be distributed but private companies were given the imported consignments through a skewed tender process.

Now what will happen in this case?

Media has reported that CBI will probe the case.

Nothing will happen in this case, as our laws are faulty and got the loopholes to do corruption.

Reality views by sm –

Friday, January 20, 2012

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Usha January 20, 2012  

sm, These yellow peas have no demand in India..here also they are consumed far less than other beans and lentils..I am surprised that they decided to import yellow peas..above 1000 crores of loss..Who will pay this?

Probe will end with no result and no punishment...but in the mean time why not distribute these imported yellow peas among poor and starving?

Few years back lentils,Dals,beans were controlled from exporting to USA to keep prices low in India..as a result we started paying double price here...But prices were never reduced in India.

I feel surprised that how people dare to do food related scams ?

Kirtivasan Ganesan January 21, 2012  

Pulse give strength to indian muscle. But pulse scam weakens indian muscle and indian spirit.

sm January 21, 2012  


Teamgsquare January 21, 2012  

Worst scam in everything govt does , ridiculous .