26 January 2012

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Nokia Fined $58000 for SMS marketing spamming by Australian Communications and Media Authority

Nokia Fined $58000 for SMS marketing spamming by Australian Communications and Media Authority

The Australian Communications and Media Authority fined Nokia for spamming customers and fine amount is $58,000.

1.99 $ = Rs. 100
58000 $ = Rs. 2914572

Nokia sent the SMS messages to the customers or clients, in its text it gave
Tips to get more out of their phones but Nokia did not offer its clients or customers
An 'unsubscribe' option as required by law.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority [ ACMA ] commenced an investigation into the Finnish company’s SMS marketing activity after complaints that customers could not work out how to unsubscribe from ‘tips’ sent by Nokia. In particular, the messages did not include details of how Nokia could be contacted, as required by the Spam Act 2003.

The investigation found that while a number of the ‘tips’ provided customers with factual information about their mobile phone handsets, some of them amounted to promotion of Nokia’s products and services, including mobile phone accessories, and that the messages therefore needed to include an unsubscribe facility.

In response to the ACMA’s investigation, Nokia Corporation has undertaken to:

1. appoint an independent consultant to audit its systems and processes

2. develop a plan to carry out the independent consultant’s recommendations

3. train its employees engaged in SMS marketing about complying with the requirements of the Spam Act

4. make a payment of Aus.$55,000 fine

If you receive an SMS message that you think may not comply with the Spam Act, you can report it to the ACMA’s Spam SMS service by forwarding the message to 0429 999 888.

Reuters reported that Nokia has now discontinued the service in Australia and was ramping it down elsewhere; adding unsubscribing was simpler on its current devices.

Do you know in India who is the authority which controls such type of things?

Do you know or ever heard that Indian telecom regulator has fined any company?

Do you think in India all the mobile companies break the law and spam Indian customers?

Thus in India again once again we have to reform the laws and fines should be such that a company should become bankrupt for not following a law.

In India DND failed.
In India number keep company change failed.

But never heard any company got fined by Indian Telecom Regulator?

Why they do not fine them?

If someone will give me money i will never hit him even if he does not obey me.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Rajesh January 26, 2012  

In India will this happen?

sm,  January 26, 2012  


hope it will happen one day.

Rakesh Kumar January 26, 2012  

Nice informative post sm.

best wishes for Gantantr divas.

kalaiselvisblog January 26, 2012  

i 2 used to get many ads in my mobile...
very thoughtful post buddy...

sm,  January 26, 2012  

Rakesh Kumar,,thanks.

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