04 January 2012

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Income tax dept asks Arvind Joshi and his wife Tinu to pay Rs 135 crores as tax for Amassing wealth of Rs.280 Crore No Jail for corruption

Income tax dept asks Arvind Joshi and his wife Tinu to pay Rs 135 crores as tax for
Amassing wealth of Rs.280 Crore No Jail for corruption

Arvind Joshi and his wife Tinu both are IAS both from the 1979 batch.
The Madhya Pradesh cadre officers are accused of amassing wealth worth hundreds of crores.

The income tax department had raided the official residence of then principal secretary (Jail) Arvind Joshi and his wife Tinu, who was principal secretary (women and child welfare) in February 2010.

In this income tax raid Income tax officials found following assets

1. Rs 3 crore in cash

2. Papers showing 400 acres of land

3. documents showing that the Joshis owned no less than 25 residential flats

4. documents showing stakes in several business ventures

5. investments in the stock exchange

After the raid both were suspended.
In December 2010 the report prepared and valued the assets owned by them, at a whopping Rs 363 crores.

The department's final assessment report completed by December 31, 2011 says Arvind and Tinu had purchased their assets at the cost of Rs 280 crore.

Do you think they earned this money by doing corruption?

Is it not the duty to find out by doing which type of illegal work and giving which type of illegal sanctions they collected Rs.280 Crore.

Here again in India we need to change the Income tax law and make it mandatory compulsory to file a Police case against the people who do not pay taxes and hide the money, earn the money by doing corruption for what ever may be the reason if you are eligible to pay tax pay it if you hide it go to Jail and die in Jail.

Now what will happen the case will go on for next 50 years or more or less, both will not go to jail, they will enjoy lavish life.

If they are intelligent now they should join the political party and I will suggest they should try to contest the elections and they will win the elections as corrupt people will vote for the corrupt.
Even their friends who are in tax department will help them to get a ticket as well as they will end up becoming the members of Rajya Sabha.

Government will cancel the pension to make Indian citizens happy and we will not realize when in future the pension will get restored again using the loopholes of our laws.

When you got millions and billions who cares for your thousands of Rupees that is pension.

The good law is one where such peopel are made beggars in a week of time and they should be sent to Jail for 1000 Years.

Law should assume that by doing corruption you collected so much money
Thus you are sentenced to 1000 Years of Jail.
If it’s your hard earned money prove it in a court of law and law will provide you accountant and everything but you will now on stay in Jail until you prove your innocence.

You owned so much money thus your guilt has been proven so stay in Jail and prove that you are not guilty.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

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Kirtivasan Ganesan January 04, 2012  

Yes, we need strong punishment for all criminals.

Teamgsquare January 04, 2012  

We are corrupt to the core

ra January 04, 2012  

our system sucks big time!!!