18 January 2012

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Gujarat Lokayukta appointed by Governor Legal – Gujarat High Court shocks Modi Government to move SC

Gujarat Lokayukta appointed by Governor Legal – Gujarat High Court shocks Modi Government to move SC

Last year on August 25, 2011 Gujarat Governor Kamla Beniwal had appointed Retired Justice R A Mehta on the post of Lokayukta.

The post was kept vacant for 8 years giving one or another reason as again here it’s not compulsory to appoint a Lokayukta.
The thing becomes compulsory only when the law makes a person a beggar if he does not obey and act on that law.

Saying compulsory without punishment is never a compulsory thing.

When Governor appointed a Lokayukta, Gujarat government did not like it and they approach to the High Court saying Governor bypassed the state government

On October 11, a division bench of Gujarat High Court had given a split verdict on the appointment of Lokayukta by the Governor.

Justice Kureshi had upheld the decision of Governor,
Another Justice Gokani had quashed the warrant of appoint issued by the Governor terming it unconstitutional.

Because of the split verdict the case was referred to the 3rd Justice.
After hearing the case Justice V M Sahai dismissed the appeal of Gujarat High Court supporting the
Lokayukta appointment by Governor.

Now Gujarat Government has decided to move the Supreme Court against the High Court Order supporting the appointment of Lokayukta in Gujarat state.

Moving to Supreme Court is the wrong decision of the Modi Government.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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kalaiselvisblog January 18, 2012  

thanks 4 sharing buddy...
ur post always aware us abot vital issues....

ra January 18, 2012  

i guess Modi government has invited trouble by just going one step ahead!

lets just wait and watch how the supreme court reacts to this case ..

Anonymous,  January 19, 2012  

thanks for sharing...

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Kirtivasan Ganesan January 19, 2012  

The larger issue is Lokpal. Lokyukta cannot solve corruption cases when dignitaries from Gujarat go to other state and indulge in corruption that state.

sm,  January 19, 2012  

rahul aggarwal, thanks.

R. Ramesh January 19, 2012  

super dear..u always write good stuff yar..cheers