05 January 2012

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Greater U.S.military presence in Asia President Barack Obama declares new defense strategy

Greater U.S.military presence in Asia President Barack Obama declares new defense strategy

Thursday –

President Barack Obama unveiled a defense strategy.
The strategy is meant to identify U.S. strategic priorities and guide defense
spending as the military begins to cut back.

The document titled 'Sustaining US Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense' identified China as one country which poses a security threat to the US in long term.

As per new strategy America will increase its military presence in Asia and will try to reduce
Military presence in Europe.

It also says the United States will continue working to halt nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea.

It’s reported that American government will try to reduce spending by nearly half a
trillion dollars after a decade of war.

in a Pentagon news conference President Obama released a strategy document that calls
for the United States to maintain a force that can win one war while still having the capability to deter the objectives of an adversary in a second conflict.

President Obama said that

Before this USA always maintained the capacity to fight 2 wars at the same time but now USA has changed its war planning.

Obama and Congress agreed in August to reduce projected national security spending by more than $450 billion in the next decade. They also agreed on automatic spending cuts that could slash another $600 billion from the Pentagon budget unless Congress agrees on an alternative.

Why the USA is changing its policy towards War?

The reason is simple the rising power of China and Iran.

Currently Europe and Russia both are not challenging USA money wise or arms wise but on the other hand China has started to challenge USA in every field then it may be currency or arms development or war in the space.

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

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