24 January 2012

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Free Speech Jay Leno Vs Salman Rushdie Democracy USA , India which is real democratic nation

Free Speech Jay Leno Vs Salman Rushdie Democracy USA , India which is real democratic nation

Updated on Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Case of Salman Rushdie –

The Satanic Verses is Salman Rushdie's fourth novel, first published in 1988 and inspired in part by the life of Muhammad.
India banned the book The Satanic Verses written by Salman Rushdie.
The book was banned in the in Year 1988.
The book is banned but on roads you can see the book is available and you can easily purchase that book.

Ban Year 1988 –

This year he wanted to attend a The Jaipur Literature Festival.

Then what happened

Few organizations said he should not visit, few people said if he visits India there is threat to his life.

So he cancelled the visit.

Later they decided that he will attend the festival using video link.

Mr Rushdie's participation via a satellite link from a London studio.

Again few people or organizations did not like this and they made trouble and in fear
and democratic nation India he was not even allowed to attend festival using video link.

So where is democracy?

India is not a democratic nation, India is mobocratic country, India is country where the law is that I got the stick so everything is mine you go to hell with your rights.

Duty of Indian Government as a democratic nation is to protect the freedom of speech.
Only in bad countries or kingdoms or religious nations freedom of speech is controlled and banned not in the real democratic nation.

USA – Case of Jay Leno American citizen

Jay Leno is American citizen and he is TV host he is popular host.

Jay Leno said something about Golden Temple which hurt the feelings Sikh People.

After that Indian government decided lodge formal Protest.

American government said that comments made by the comedian Jay Leno in a skit briefly involving the Golden Temple appear to be satirical in nature and are constitutionally protected under free speech.

USA said that we respect the Sikhs.
Few organizations who know that because of law, a Democratic nation and freedom of speech Jay Leno is protected so they also did not object they just ignored him.

In India Government did not protect the freedom of speech.

4 Writers wanted to read but they did not get opportunity and even the cases will get file against them for trying to read about Salman and his book.

Updated on Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two separate complaints against Leno have been lodged in the US –
1. Federal Communications Commission
2. the superior court of California

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the US government regulates the broadcast of television programs, analyzes the complaints and conducts investigations.

The US-based Sikh rights group “Sikhs for Justice" (SFJ) has lodged a complaint with the FCC against the "objectionable depiction of Golden Temple" by NBC Talk Show Host Jay Leno on January 19, 2012.

California based Dr Randeep Dhillon has filed a suit for damages for Libel in the superior court of California against Jay Leno and NBC.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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virendra sharma January 25, 2012  

Democracy exists in vote banks ,in the counting of heads .

दिगम्बर नासवा January 25, 2012  

इस पुस्तक पे कस्टम का बेन है मतलब आप इम्पोर्ट नहीं कर सकते ... न की पढ़ने का ...

ये सरकार का दोगला पण है ...

ra January 25, 2012  

I have presented The Versatile Blogger Award to you

Kirtivasan Ganesan January 25, 2012  

Why try to arrange video broadcast of Rushdie knowing that it will not be allowed in India?
Media, IT are not a problem in my opinion. You take responsibility, then go ahead. One cannot pass buck.
If criminals, politicians say that we will work with unclear responsibilities only, then they should be hit with danda.

sm,  January 25, 2012  

rahul aggarwal, thanks.thanks for award.