01 December 2011

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Pakistan Bans BBC World News TV channel for showing documentary Secret Pakistan

Pakistan Bans BBC World News TV channel for showing documentary Secret Pakistan

Pakistani cable television operators have blocked the BBC's international news TV channel, BBC World News.

Why Pakistan banned the BBC World TV news?
BBC aired shown a documentary titled as Secret Pakistan.
The two-part BBC documentary questioned the country's commitment to tackling Taliban militancy.

The All Pakistan Cable Operators Association announced on Tuesday that all foreign news channels airing "anti-Pakistan" content would be barred from Wednesday.

The documentary mentions that how the Pakistan deceived America and the West - and was then found out."
The documentary mentions about how Pakistan’s military deliberately aided the Taliban and al-Qaida - even as it assured Washington and NATO that it was an ally in the fight against the militants

Cable Operators Association spokesman Khalid Arain said that no anti-Pakistan foreign channel would "ever" be broadcast in the country

Pakistan blocked Facebook for nearly two weeks in May 2010.

Last week, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was forced to row back from banning text messages containing any of nearly 1,700 “obscene” words when majority Pakistan citizens objected it.

It’s very common and normal in Pakistan to ban.

You may not like this but this happens in India also latest example is movie named as Dam999 banned by one of the Indian state.
On Wednesday Producer-director Sohan Roy filed the writ petition in Supreme Court
challenging the Tamil Nadu government's ban on screening of his film Dam 999 in the State.
He told to media that, “The authorities have not watched the movie or read the script before banning the same

Let us hope BBC will file a appeal, petition in the Pakistan Court and ask them to protect their press rights, media rights. Important is Freedom of thought and expression.

Pakistan's media regulator, PEMRA said that The authorities can summon BBC representatives and seek an explanation from them,"

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Pakistan blocks BBC World News TV channel

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

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Saru Singhal December 01, 2011  

I thank God that our country is sane, unlike China and Pakistan. Banning is movie is something very small...You know in our country riots are so common...

Renu December 01, 2011  

Atleast now people know what pakistan is.And I really feel mazed at the people who say Pakistanis are not like that, because what is a country?..its people only..

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 01, 2011  

Freedom of expression should be encouraged. But one must also have the capacity to take stuff which are controversial. Because violence may happen.
This again confirms the importance of unity over freedom. All over the world people want unity over freedom. Indians seem to want freedom over unity. So what if unity is broken let the freedom of expression be there. How bad for the nation !!
One needs to take a decision which is reasonable,though. Without watching the movie or reading the script if you ban a movie it is highly unreasonable.

Alka Gurha December 01, 2011  

Banning never solves the problem...

sm,  December 02, 2011  

Alka Gurha,,thanks

Anonymous,  December 02, 2011  

people are more curious about banned things...

so banning is not a solution...

Anonymous,  December 04, 2011  

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Amrit December 06, 2011  

Well Pakistan can ban anything but information still comes out.

sm,  December 06, 2011