18 December 2011

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Making of Computer Virus to Control Human Mind and Human actions using Synthetic biology

Making of Computer Virus to Control Human Mind and Human actions using Synthetic biology

What is Synthetic biology?

Synthetic Biology is one of the most powerful technologies in the world. Synthetic biology - the writing of life.

Cells are living computers and DNA is a programming language.

Experts in the field of Synthetic Biology say that
Hackers could someday use it to develop a computer virus to bend human minds.

According to Andrew Hessel of Singularity University on US space agency NASA's research campus, "It could lead to a world where hackers could engineer viruses or bacteria to control human minds.
Daily Mail reported that it will grow faster than computer technologies." He predicts a world where people can "print" DNA, and even "decode" it. But he warned that viruses and bacteria send chemicals into human brains and could someday be used to influence, or even "control" people,
Hessel said that a literal virus -- injected into a "host" in the guise of a vaccine, say -- could be used to control behaviour.

Security expert Marc Goodman said: "Synthetic biology will lead to new forms of bioterrorism. Bio-crime today is akin to computer crime in the early Eighties.

The challenge is to eat the fruit without worm.

Already scientist can create an artificial life by adding DNA to bacterial cell.

The field of 'synthetic biology' is in its infancy. We can 'tweak' the genetics of life forms - but billionaire entrepreneur Craig Venter only created 'artificial life' for the first time last year, christening his life form 'Synthia'.

But today also we encounter viruses and our body fights it back I am sure there will be emergence of 2 new professions medical hacker and medical anti hacker.

But the progress in this field will be very dangerous in war as animals or humans can be controlled , it will become very easy to make human bomb or animal bomb.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

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