15 December 2011

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Black Money account names list BJP Reveal the names Congress Say No - genuine investors abroad

Black Money account names list BJP Reveal the names Congress Say No - genuine investors abroad


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Lal Krishna Advani brought Adjournment Motion on black money.

But the motion was defeated by voice vote.

Samajwadi Party staged a walkout.

We need to reform voice vote.

Politician’s legislature should not be allowed to do voting on anything using voice vote.

The open computer display voting system is best so we can know which politician voted for what.

Running a nation is not a Childs play thing.
When children play in a school and teacher use voice vote its ok but

Voice vote in a parliament is not suitable for any country.
Voice vote helps the corrupt minded people to hide.

BJP leaders said that Black money is estimated to be around Rs 25 lakh crore, BJP wanted to know why "names of 782 tax evaders were being kept secret by the UPA government".

Congress Government rejected the demand of opposition to reveal the
names of those who have accounts in the Geneva branch of HSBC.

Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee told Parliament that the tax authorities had unearthed Rs 660 billion of unaccounted money as part of the government's efforts to curb tax evasion.

He said that government had received 36,000 'pieces' of information with regard to Indian account holders in banks abroad.

He said that information can not be made public if we make it public then other countries will not share information.

He said revised tax treaty with Switzerland has come into force and would enable India to procure banking details with effect from April 1, 2011.

He said the government had succeeded in preventing the flight of about Rs 66,000 crore out of the country and checked tax evasion to the tune of Rs 33,784 crore.

Further he said that if names are revealed it will adversely affect some Indian business houses, which could be genuine investors abroad.

Sm – Will you hide your money if you earn that money honestly?

Sm - Legal Money or Ilegal Money which money you will hide and sent it in other nation?

Sm – Does India is so weak country that we have to fear the other nations and hide the names of Indian criminals?
Mera Bharat Mahan

Today again I am sure Bhagat Singh and King Shivaji must have cried in a heaven
When see the weak India.

Now as an Indian citizen we have to wait for 2012, the god of information
[WikiLeaks] Julian Assange said at the HT Leadership Summit that he has the names and would reveal them in 2012."

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Alka Gurha December 15, 2011  

We will know the truth will we?

Bikram December 15, 2011  

The blame game and all .. I doubt if anyone will ever be brought to justice.. and this is all a drama each of these politicians probably sit together in the evening ...
they are all the same


Teamgsquare December 16, 2011  

Agree with the Bikram , once the show is over they all are the same .

sm,  December 16, 2011  

Bikramjit, thanks.
Team G Square, thanks.
Yes all are same this is reason we need very strict and good laws not the toothless laws for the name sake.