11 December 2011

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Anna Hazare Protest with Public Debate at Jantar Mantar BJP, Left. TDP, BJD SP to attend and No one from Congress UPA to attend debate

Anna Hazare Protest with Public Debate at Jantar Mantar BJP, Left. TDP, BJD SP to attend and No one from Congress UPA to attend debate

Anna Hazare reached Delhi from Ralegaon Siddhi on Saturday evening
He is staying at the Maharashtra Sadan.

After a visit to Rajghat at 9 am, he will lead a rally to Jantar Mantar, where his day-long fast will begin at 10 am.

The draft submitted by standing committee is weaker than the first Lokpal Bill which was known as Joke Pal.
The draft prepared by standing committee has once again made the Lokpal, a Lokpal a toothless tiger who can not protect himself also and who will dance like a puppet.
The current Lokpal has no investigative power.

This is like let us get married but you won’t have a honeymoon with me.

We want a tiger that is Lokpal whose presence and entry in the government office to investigate any scam will make the corrupt officers wet their pants thinking that there game is over.

On Saturday Anna Hazare said or blamed Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi for the draft prepared by standing committee.
In a press conference Anna said that I have a strong suspicion that Rahul Gandhi is behind the report. Otherwise, how can the chairman of the Standing Committee ignore a letter written by the prime minister to me? I feel that Singhvi is actually trying to please one man and that is Rahul Gandhi, who is seen as the future prime minister by some,"

Further Anna, regarding Rahul Gandhi said that "He is young. He could become the prime minister. But if he becomes prime minister with these kind of thoughts, then it will be dangerous for the country."

Team Anna has rejected the report and any Indian who loves India who loves honesty will reject the standing committee Lokpal draft.

Anna once again said that if the strong Jan Lokpal bill is not passed in this winter session
Then he will go on a fast again from December 27.
"If the Government does not do it by December 22, I will launch an agitation

Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal said that The Standing Committee has even crippled the CBI, and reduced the Lokpal to a post office,"

To protest the report of the Standing Committee on Lokpal Bill, Anna will hold a one-day fast at Jantar Mantar on Sunday.
But this time Anna has invited leaders of all political parties to participate in an open debate to state their stands on Lokpal Bill.
Media reported that no from the Congress or UPA will participate.

Who will attend the debate at Jantar Mantar?

1. Opposition parties BJP

2. Left

3. TDP

4. BJD

5. SP

6. members of the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI) led by activist Aruna Roy

There will be a point-by-point discussion on various aspects of the Lokpal Bill.

Anna said that he will travel and educate people about the Lokpal Bill.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

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Arti December 11, 2011  

Lets see if anything concrete comes out of it, I highly doubt it.

Destination Infinity December 11, 2011  

I guess we can expect a lot of people to participate in this. Good to see more and more people raising their voice against corruption.

sm,  December 11, 2011  

Destination Infinity, thanks.

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 12, 2011  

Anna Hazare has many political parties behind him. This is the chance for India to benefit. To come out of shame of poverty and not accept corruption as a way of life.