09 December 2011

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179 journalists jailed worldwide in 2011 Know the country and No. of Journalist arrested including India

179 journalists jailed worldwide in 2011 Know the country and No. of Journalist arrested including India

As per CPJ [committee to Protect Journalist] Prison Census 2011
Total 179 Journalists were jailed worldwide.

Name of Country and Number of Jailed Journalist

1. Azerbaijan: 1 -

2. Bahrain: 1

3. Burma: 12

4. Burundi: 1

5. China: 27

6. Egypt: 2

7. Eritrea: 28

8. Ethiopia: 7

9. Gambia: 1

10. India: 2

11. Iran: 42

12. Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory: 7

13. Ivory Coast: 4

14. Kazakhstan: 1

15. Kyrgyzstan: 1

16. Libya: 1

17. Morocco: 2

18. Rwanda: 2

19. Sudan: 4

20. Syria: 8

21. Thailand: 1

22. Turkey: 8

23. Uzbekistan: 5

24. Vietnam: 9

25. Yemen: 2

India – 2 Journalist were arrested in India.

1. Sudhir Dhawale, Vidrohi - Imprisoned: January 2, 2011 -
2. Lingaram Kodopi, freelance - Imprisoned: September 10, 2011

Sudhir Dhawale is a Mumbai-based activist and journalist.
He founded and edited Marathi Language a monthly named as Vidrohi.
He wrote about human rights violations against Dalits in the monthly Vidrohi.

As per news and media reports Police arrested Dhawale in the Wardha district of Maharashtra state, where he had traveled to attend a Dalit meeting, and charged him with sedition and involvement with a terrorist group under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.
On January 20, police accused him of hanging Maoist posters in an unrelated case in Gondia district in December 2010.
After that Authorities filed a new charge of waging war against the state,
Punishment for this Crime is Death Punishment.

Lingaram Kodopi, freelance - Imprisoned: September 10, 2011 –
Police said they arrested Kodopi in a public market in Dantewada district accepting a bribe from a representative of a steel company wanting to operate in a Maoist insurgent-controlled area.

Tehelka reported that Police accused Kodopi of being a “Maoist associate.” He was charged with antistate activities under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, the Chhattisgarh Public Security Act, and the Indian penal code.
In April, the journalist documented the destruction of houses during an anti-Maoist police operation in three Dantewada district villages and “recorded on video precise narrations of police atrocities.

Himanshu Kumar, a local human rights activist, told the Indian Express that Kodopi had evidence of government involvement in burning down three villages.

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Source - https://www.cpj.org/imprisoned/2011.php