06 November 2011

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Nadeem Sayeed Right to Information Activist Murdered in Juhapura area Ahmedabad

Nadeem Sayeed Right to Information Activist Murdered in Juhapura area Ahmedabad

Nadeem Sayeed has filed many public interest litigations in the Gujarat High Court over sanitation issues in the Juhapura.

Last year also he was attacked.

Nadeem Sayeed was one of the key witness in the Naroda Patiya case.
In this case he exposed some people who were allegedly involved in tampering of evidence.

On Saturday around 7.45 Am unidentified people attacked Nadeem Sayeed with sharp
weapons. He died on the spot.

Using right to information is like inviting criminals so they can come and murder us for using it,
But real heroes of India do not fear the invitation to death but they go on doing things which are beneficial to India.

Reality views by sm

Sunday, November 06, 2011

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Renu November 06, 2011  

very sad indeed!

kalaiselvisblog November 06, 2011  

i agree with u buddy... my condolence to him...

sm,  November 07, 2011  


Urmi November 07, 2011  

Its really sad to hear. My heartfelt condolence to him.

Bikram November 07, 2011  

May he rest in peace , in india its a sin to be RIGHT and TRUE..


Stranger in a Strange Land November 07, 2011  

The real heroes are directed by Love of Land and others not fear as the one's that do the acts of voilence.

Keep the faith and thanks for the post,

SM November 08, 2011  


Anonymous,  November 09, 2011  

Hi SM, may be you should also include the detail reason why he was killed. His father gave the reason that he was killed because he was giving information to Government about the Cow killings. Gujarat has passed a law against Cow killing. Here is link for more details for the reason of the murder: http://deshgujarat.com/2011/11/05/a-muslim-of-juhapura-active-against-illegal-cow-slaugher-killed/ , May be there was no need to mention that he was witness in the riots. He has done many other good work through RTI, you would have highlighted them as well