10 November 2011

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Know Important 14 Provisions of Bihar Lokayukta Weak Lokpal Provisions in Lokayukta Draft of Bihar Lokayukta

Know Important 14 Provisions of Bihar Lokayukta Weak Lokpal Provisions in Lokayukta Draft of Bihar Lokayukta

Know the 14 Important Provisions of the Bihar Lokayukta suggested by Bihar Government.

Government in Bihar is led by the JD (U)-BJP alliance.

The Bihar government has decided to amend the state Lokayukta bill in a bid to give more powers to the Lokayukta.
The new law will require an amendment to the Bihar Lokayukta Act, 1973
An amendment Bill for this purpose is likely to be brought during the winter session of the state legislature.

Bihar Government suggestions are based and same like the Lokpal Bill introduced by the Congress which was called as a Jokepal Bill.

What the Provisions Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Government is Planning to introduce or say bring in

1. Lokayukta will be a three-member body headed by a chairperson.

2. Its own investigation and prosecution wings.

3. The term of Lokayukta and members would be five years from the date of assuming office.

4. As per Bihar Lokayukta Draft – CM, All Government employees, employees of organizations, corporations and bodies receiving government grants will be investigated if the complaint is true

5. Chief Minister, former chief ministers, ministers, former ministers, legislators, former legislators, public servants, Assembly speaker and chairman of legislative council and government employees, employees of corporations or organizations receiving government grants would be under the purview of Lokayukta.

6. The expenses on the office of Lokayukta would be met from charged expenditure

7. Lokayukta chairperson or members should be of impeccable integrity, outstanding ability, having special knowledge of and professional experience of not less than 25 years in public affairs, administrative law and policy, academics, commerce and industry, law, finance or management.

8. He should not be less than 55 years of age.

9. The Governor may suspend the chairperson or any other member from office on grounds of misbehavior after the Supreme Court, on a reference being made to it by the Governor.

10. The chairperson or member shall be ineligible for re-appointment or further employment to any other office of profit under the government of India of the government of the state.

11. The selection, suspension and removal of the Lokayukta will be in government's control and therefore it will not be independent."

12. The draft also states that the Lokayukta will need permission from the government to investigate and prosecute any government officer

13. "Punishment to a complainant if he files a frivolous complaint and punishment for a corrupt officer is the same (ranging from six months to five years),"

14. "Corrupt officers will get free legal assistance from the government against the complainant."

If Government will Control the selection, suspension and removal of the Lokayukta then how can he will go against his masters that is the Government.

If complainant will get punished then who will dare to go against Government officer.
Government officer will get the government help, his friends in government will help him and everyone will help him

Who will help the Complaint?

New Amendments Provisions make the Bihar Lokayukta a weak Lokayukta.

Thus CM Nitish Kumar also fails to impress and Joins the league of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

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kalaiselvisblog November 10, 2011  

dats really nice to know...

Kirti November 10, 2011  

It is a blow to Anna Hazare movement mainly because two major parties have not understood the sentiments of people.
Of course, this will not deter us and a good Lokpal Bill at centre will come up this winter session.

virendra sharma November 10, 2011  

Really without teeth ,jokpal .Thanks for this post .

virendra sharma November 10, 2011  

Good to read ,confirm yr observations .

sm,  November 10, 2011  

Kailash C Sharma, thanks.