24 November 2011

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Harvinder Singh slapped (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar at the NDMC Centre in New Delhi

Harvinder Singh slapped (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar at the NDMC Centre in New Delhi


The man identified as Harvinder Singh slapped Union Agriculture
Minister and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar at the NDMC
Centre in New Delhi.
Pawar lost his balance but remained unperturbed after the assault and moved
towards the exit of the auditorium and got into his waiting car.

When slapped he was shouting against corruption cases and price rise.
After slapping Pawar, Singh also brandished a small knife and threatened to kill politicians accused of being involved in corruption cases.

This is my answer to corrupt politicians," shouted Harvinder Singh as he took out his kirpan before he was whisked away by security guards. He was later arrested by the Delhi police.

Harvinder told to Media that he does not fear for consequences and he did not slap for the publicity.
Further he said to media that "I would have killed him if I had my kripan today."
He said that he was tired of scams in the country.
I'm not a terrorist as a terrorist would never take such a step. I'm fed up of all
The corrupt ministers involved in various scams

He said that Prices of all essential commodities are rising.
Anna Hazare demanded Jan Lokpal Bill but it did not work.

Harvinder said that the he is the one who attacked former telecom minister Sukhram at
Rohini court on Saturday.

Harvinder Singh is a resident of Rohini in Delhi and is a tempo driver.
He is nearly 30 years old.

This is another sign that anger is rising in the Indian Youth against corruption and where and how it will affect the India no one can say.

Sharad Pawar is not alone responsible for the price rise and corruption or price rise in India.

Watch the video showing Sharad Pawar slapped by Harvinder Singh

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Kirtivasan Ganesan November 24, 2011  

Sharad Pawar alone is not responsible for corruption and price rise.
Frustration is mounting among youth. Baba Ramdev and other powerful saints should put pressure on the government as youth are loosing emotional balance. A necessary step to maintain mental health of Indian youth.

Renu November 24, 2011  

I hope that now atleast politicians wake up to their folly and get their acts straight....

SM November 24, 2011  


Anonymous,  November 24, 2011  

@KirtiSAINT Baba Ramdev!!!......haha......damn......all are corrupt ......and you young girls are behind them calling saints, leaders.............

Kirtivasan Ganesan November 25, 2011  

@Anonymous. Things have become so difficult that nothing works without corruption. A lesser evil is better than a big evil.

sm,  November 25, 2011  

A lesser evil is better than a big evil.
this is how currently Indian citizens vote.

Anonymous,  November 25, 2011  

Agreed that violance is condemnable,but one must think that why only people like Suresh Kalmadi,Sukharam, Sharad Pawar are attacked and not the gentleman politicians like A B Vajpayi, Smt.Soniya Gandhi etc. ? The wrong-doers and the corrupts will face public wrath.

Anonymous,  November 26, 2011  


Harminder,  November 27, 2011  

Harvinder did a good thing anna, ramdev all r politician and dramabaaj slap is necessary to wake up this type of politician

Bikram November 28, 2011  

@Kirti@kirti :- why are you name baba ramdev .. end of the day all these leaders are same ..

We all have seen what he is doing :)

Bikram November 28, 2011  

The young SIKH MAN has done a good thing .. TO wake up people a loud noise needs to be made and what more loud noise other than the one which comes from the impact right under the EAR..

Pawar will hear it EACH DAY but these leaders re so BESHARAM nothing will happen he iwll probably take politcial mileage

EACH YOUNG shud get up and SLAP every leader they see EVER Yleader .. all these politciains the baba's etc the yare all the same end of the day.

IF Anna Ji can flog people for drinking why does he not ask people to FLOG these corrupt leaders something to think about ...


Kirtivasan Ganesan November 28, 2011  

A man is not an animal. But at times, his rage may make him indulge in things which can harm himself too without achieving much. I mean Pawar is not the only person responsible for corruption.
I really cannot explain much, but I would not indulge in violence unless I am physically threatened.
Basically it is whether you want to live in harmony with others or not. And to what extent.

Kirtivasan Ganesan November 28, 2011  

Some people will appreciate the youth, Harvinder. But they will move miles away when asked to do a similar thing.
Also one must think about small constant improvements as such a thing will give more stability.

sm,  November 28, 2011  

Anonymous, thanks.
Harminder thanks.
Bikramjit thanks.
Kirtivasan thanks.

People are even afraid to talk about it and I think majority will not hit anyone even if they are witness to the corruption.
Everyone fears the machinery.

Unknown December 03, 2011  

agar har ek banda aisa karna shuru kar de, to politicians 100 baar soche ge corruptions wagera karne se .. but then again ye sab khatam nai hoga coj everyone is involved in it ,. what anna ji is doing is rite ..

Anonymous,  December 06, 2011  

the guy did the right thing to slap pawar if we repeat this thing again then it will be really effective, ,,,i mean to say that if any minister indulge in any kind of corruption then slap him in front of public so they would know that wat they have done wrong...nothing will happen if we stay at home just watching Tv and talking at their backs...

Anonymous,  December 06, 2011  

continued....if we really wanna save our country then this is the right time to wake up... specially youths should come and raise their voice against corruption...he was right because he is not a terrorist but as a countryman, he done his duty.. today everyone is fed up but no one raise their voices becoz they all afraid..