01 November 2011

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Government Spent More than Rs. 5 Crore on Ads on 27th death anniversary, Indira Gandhi

Government Spent More than Rs. 5 Crore on Ads on 27th death anniversary, Indira Gandhi

NDTV reported that on 27th death anniversary of Indira Gandhi Government of India that is Congress spent five crores across different ministries in full page ads dedicated to her.

Majority advertisements were placed in the Delhi editions of newspapers.

BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar told to media that Today there are hundreds of advertisements on Indiraji," We don't see anything wrong (with that) - but there is just one Information and Broadcasting ministry advertisement remembering Sardar Patel. These tributes have to be rational,"

Pawan Bansal, Parliamentary Affairs Minister said that each ministry made its own call. "We do not issue instructions to Ministries on how much money to spend on advertisements.

Same parties say Mayawati is doing wrong when she spends on statue.

As an Indian citizen we must understand all the political business houses are same with only one aim.

We need a law which will ban such wastage of government money.
It’s your money, it’s my money.

We do not have money, our Indian farmers are committing suicides, and we do not have money so Government is planning to cancel the subsidy on cooking gas.

But government does not pass the laws which will stop the wastage of money.

If you love her so much please spend money from your own party pockets not from the pockets of others.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

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chitra November 01, 2011  

Very true. Lt of public money is wasted in advertisements. This money can be used for some development projects .
Hope you enjoyed Diwali sm, I was away and could not greet you.

kalaiselvisblog November 01, 2011  

nice article... They should think abot it...Should care about poor Citizens...If they do something helpful, then people will remember them forever...

Renu November 01, 2011  

last two lines are universal truth.even in personal lives people always want to take credit with other's money:)

Anonymous,  November 01, 2011  


Also in Malayalam newspapers, we can find advertisements in multiple sheets about Indira Gandhi

also thanks for your comment about my new post

sm,  November 01, 2011  


Anonymous,  November 02, 2011  

All political parties are the same. If it was BJP they want someone else to be advted. What is the difference? Unless and until full transparency is achieved in govt depts it is going to be the same story. Govt needs to change the priority of the rupee spend, poverty will not be eliminated. I wished Congress would have remembered the slogan "Garibi Hatava" and used this funds for better cause.