28 November 2011

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Don’t Kill Me I Give you 150 $ reintegration" programme Taliban cadres paid $150 each month for not fighting

Don’t Kill Me I Give you 150 $ reintegration" programme Taliban cadres paid $150 each month for not fighting

Media Reported that Taliban cadres are being paid 100 pounds (over $150) a month for desisting from action and will be allowed to keep their weapons as part of a new initiative to end the insurgency in Afghanistan.

On Sunday Daily Telegraph reported that The "reintegration" programme, which has the full support of NATO, is intended to keep them from attacking troops of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

The agreement is part of a policy signed by the British government in which insurgents are being allowed to "walk off the battlefield" and enter a "reintegration" scheme.

The amnesty extends to all Taliban fighters, including those involved in atrocities, such as killing children, beheadings or hanging women or who have attacked and killed British forces.

Amnesty means they will not be put on trial.

As per the contract or deal or plan that is amnesty scheme no Taliban fighter will face trial ,Court Case , fighters will get permit to keep their guns after they 'walk off the battlefield'.

Instead of Punishing them as per the amnesty plan the criminals or killers are asked
to fill up a questionnaire to seek from them their reasons for joining the insurgency.

More than 2700 insurgents got the benefit of this scheme.
Media also reported that 2,000 Taliban fighters have been 'reintegrated' following implementation of the programme in violent regions such as Helmand - where over 400 British troops have been killed in conflict and more than 5,000 were wounded

Do you think to get 150 dollars innocent people will also join Taliban?

In India we know that how for few hundred rupees or few dollars people sign up for drug trials.

What is the use of sacrifice of British Soldiers who died fighting war against terror?

I do not think one can win the war of terror by paying the money; they will not fight until they get money.

Once you stop them paying they will again go to their old ways of terror thinking that it’s ok we will start the war and later again we will get 100 Pounds or 150 dollar a month.

It’s like a Hafta, a money paid by the traders to the criminals so that criminals wont break his shop.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

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Rakesh Kumar November 28, 2011  

Nice informative post,SM.
Thanks for presentation.

Pl. find time to visit my new post.

Renu November 28, 2011  

wars are very complex situations and winning is very difficult in a righteous way..do you think it doesnt happen in inida..in Assam many police personnel were killed by ultras and when the truce came the same ultra made the govt and police worked under them..but there is no other way out..

Instead we must nevr think in a personal way..police were killed by ultras, and today they work under the govt....period.

Anonymous,  November 28, 2011  

interesting post..

also thanks to leaving a comment on my post

Teamgsquare November 28, 2011  

It is a serious matter .

Anonymous,  November 28, 2011  

Thanks for this information. I had not read about this. It does seem very unfair to the victims of the Taliban to let them go without punishment and to pay them for not fighting.

On the other hand- what Renu has said is also true. It happens in India too. Even many Naxals are 'forgiven' when they lay down their weapons....

Urmi November 28, 2011  

Wonderful, interesting and informative post.

Bikram November 28, 2011  

I guess USA - UK forces are trying to save face .. as they have not won the battle ..

but then it happens everywhere where the Govt cant do anything SAD

sm,  November 28, 2011  

Rakesh Kumar,thanks.
Team G Square,thanks.

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 02, 2011  

Bloody sons of bitch. They talk against USA and UK take dollars/pounds. Why don't they take dinars?

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 02, 2011  

It is well known that Afghanistan / Pakistan are such big jokes. And India is following this joker foreign policy.