14 November 2011

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Anna Hazare – Core Committee to comprise 50 members Team Anna Core Committee will be expanded

Anna Hazare – Core Committee to comprise 50 members Team Anna Core Committee will be expanded

Monday –

Today Anna Hazare said that the core committee would be expanded to comprise 50 members.

He also added that a thorough background check would be conducted on prospective members.

The people with the clean image will be selected.
He would be looking for volunteers instead of office-bearers to carry forward his movement.

The constitution of the core committee will be drafted this month.

Anna said that we will select only those people who have good character and have no crimes registered against them. Our observers will be sent to places from where we have received applications, to screen these individuals,"

Each member of the core committee will only be a volunteer. The working committee will have fewer people,"

Anna again clarified that He is not against Congress, if congress brings the good Jan Lokpal Bill he will support the Congress and if Congress do not bring the good Jan Lokpal bill in winter session he will oppose the Congress.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

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Human November 14, 2011  

Informative post, Thanks !

Urmi November 14, 2011  

Very nice and informative post.

Bikram November 14, 2011  

Hmm I am not sure whats going ot happen. This whole thing has lost its zeal I think , with bjp and all getting involved
I cant understand what to make of it


Alka Gurha November 14, 2011  

One thing that team Anna should do is now stop talking to the media...Media is ruthless. They took them to great heights but now they are pulling team Anna down.

sm,  November 14, 2011  

Bikramjit, thanks.
Alka Gurha, thanks.
kalaiselvisblog, thanks.

Destination Infinity November 14, 2011  

The recent post in their blog says that the blog will be shut down. We were concerned but this is a positive development from Team Anna. I guess they should include as many people as possible along with them, so that the movement becomes stronger.

Destination Infinity

sm,  November 14, 2011  

@Destination Infinity

thanks. Yes Anna closed the blog.

Kirtivasan Ganesan November 18, 2011  

Anna Hazare is preparing for a big battle.
The government will in most probability pass the government Lokpal bill. Anna Hazare wants Jan Lokpal bill to be passed. The option with him is pass the Jan Lokpal bill as a private member's bill. But Jan Lokpal bill may not get majority support. Also why take the help of an MP?
I feel he is doing the right thing by mobilizing people for people's Jan Lokpal bill and force the government to accept Jan Lokpal Bill.

sm,  November 18, 2011  


yes its good step.