16 November 2011

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Alphabets lucky colors years features of Rashi Mesha or Aries Vrishabh or Taurus

Alphabets lucky colors years features of Rashi Mesha
or Aries Vrishabh or Taurus

Know the zodiac sign according to the Indian Lunar Calendar.
Lunar month has 29 or 30 days.

In India its tradition to keep the name of babies as per their Rashi and seeing his stars at the time of birth.

So if you know the name of the person then you can easily know his Rashi.
Just read the following chart and compare the first alphabet of the person’s name.

1 - Mesha or Aries –

Alphabets –
Chu, Choo ,Che, Chay ,Cho ,La, Lha ,Li, Lee, Lhi ,Lu,
Loo, Lhu ,Le, Lay ,Lo ,A

Features of Rashi –
This rashi includes Ashwini, Bharani and first Charan of Krittika Nakshatras.
The persons of this sign as a rule are solitary by nature;
they have smiling faces and are less spoken.
They are brisk walkers.
Anger reflects from their faces.
They have ample travels and frequent transfers from place to place in life.
They prefer to work under directions and guidance from others.
They are temperamental in nature
They are prone to fevers and blood diseases.
They are prone to skin diseases
They are usually short tempered and impatient in nature.
They are ambitious, courageous and vigilant for self-respect.
They are straight forward, generous and lovers of freedom.
They are practical at work
They are water phobic.
They stick to the profession or job they do.

Favorable color for this Rashi is Red and Purple.

Lucky stone for them is Corel.

Bad Years
:1, 3, 6, 8, 15, 21,3 6 , 40, 45, 56, 63

Good Years:
16, 20,2 8 , 34, 41, 48, 51

2 - Vrishabh or Taurus –

Alphabets - I, Ee, Ei, Eh ,U, Oo ,Ae, Ai, E ,Oh, Ou ,Va, Ba ,Bee, Bi,
Vee, Wee, Vi, Wi ,Vu, Voo, Wu, Bu, Boo, Woo ,Vey, Vay,
Way, Wey, Be, Bay, Veh, Weh, Beh ,Vo, Wo, Bo

Features –

This rashi comprises of the later three charans of Krittika, complete Rohini and the first two charans of Mrigshira Nakshatras.

They are labourious and steady but slow workers.
They are nurtures of old traditions and taboos.
They seldom lose temper, but when they do so they don't care for the
They seldom seek the advice of others.
They are pleasure lovers and possess serious nature.
They make friends easily and are behavior efficient.
Everything they do, they do it efficiently
They work with total self-confidence.
They love music
They adore jewellery
They like good quality clothes.
They have regulated habits and possess remarkable tolerance power.
They are obedient to their parents.
They became rich in later life
They believe in religion
They run their family with noble principles.
They love travel and have aptitude for purchase and selection of things.
They have good power of digestion.
They are prone to cold, cough and diseases.
They seldom fall sick.
They have worry free nature.
They feel happy in every situation to which they adapt themselves easily

Their favorable color is White

Lucky stone for them is Diamond.

Bad Years
:1, 3, 6, 8,3 3 , 44, 52, 61

Good Years:2, 10, 16, 18, 20, 22,3 6 , 40, 56

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kalaiselvisblog November 17, 2011  

dats really gud 2 know abot my mesha rashi features...

Simran November 20, 2011  

So true :)
Thanks for sharing dear ..