16 October 2011

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Former CM B S Yeddyurappa shifted to Hospital from Jail No Surprise

Former CM B S Yeddyurappa shifted to Hospital from Jail No Surprise

BJP leader was taken into judicial custody on Saturday October 15 after a special Lokayukta court rejected his bail plea and issued arrest warrant against him and another BJP former minister Krishnaiah Shetty.

Former CM of Karnataka B S Yeddyurappa was sent to Jail. In Jail first Jail Authorities took him to the Jail Hospital for check up.
In Jail he got the prisoner number 10462 in Parappana Agrahara central jail.
He was allotted a separate cell in the D block of the jail
The Cell has attached toilet and bathroom.

A senior officer of the prison told to Media that "We cannot provide TV sets to all the prisoners; we cannot even allow having the TV at the prisoner's expense. We provide TV to important persons like Yeddyurappa only if we have enough sets in the jail. Currently, we do not have a spare TV set,"

Here again we can see the No equality among Jail.
If you are poor you will get nothing if you are rich then you get everything then whatever may be your crime.

Member of legislative assembly N Krishnaiah Shetty, a co-accused in the same denotification case that Yeddyurappa is charged with was given Jail by Judge in Jail he was given Prisoner number 10461.

Media reported that in a night BS Yeddyurappa complained of Chest Pain and then Jail Authorities admitted him to Hospital.

Its not surprising for Indians this is how Indian Law works.

In January 2011 two advocates - Sirajin Naidu and K. N. Balraj - had approached the special court with the 15 complaints.
Before that they got the permission, obtained approval from the Governor H. R. Bharadwaj to prosecute Yeddyurappa, who was the then CM.

Cases in which BS Yeddyurappa involved –

1. De-notification of 2.05 acres from survey no.81/3 in Arakere village, Bangalore, in favour of Yeddyurappa's aide Sathya Kumari

2. De- notification of 4 acres from survey no. 42/1A2, 42/4- A2 and 42/2B in Geddalahalli, Bangalore, for the benefit of Yeddyurappa aides V. Manjunath and K. Shivappa Yeddyurappa and former housing minister Es. En. Krishnaiah Setty are accused of colluding to cause loss to the state that is Indian Citizens by de-notifying highly valued lands.

His actions cause loss to the state that is causing loss to the Indian Citizens Yeddyurappa allegedly gained Rs 189 crore from all the land deals.
As many as 15 complaints relating to such deals against Yeddyurappa are being heard by the special court designated to try cases under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Rahul October 16, 2011  

Anna silence fast at same time is joke of the century. this guy proved he is nothing more than a clown

Arti October 17, 2011  

Such an apt title which says in the end No Surprise!
This had to happen...

chitra October 17, 2011  

Why do politicians complain of chest pain, fever , high BP when they are about to face music.This has become a routine with most cases...

Renu October 17, 2011  

now when all leaders will be in jail, may be we will have better governance:)

Teamgsquare October 17, 2011  

Actually , they should open new hospitals which has all the facilities to handle only these type of cases . Surprisingly hospitals will hit the break even in a record time .

SM October 18, 2011  

Renu,thanks.Bikramjit,thanks.Team G square,thanks.