20 October 2011

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Business Class fare to Economy Class fare the true other side of Kiran Bedi Team Anna Member

Business Class fare to Economy Class fare the true other side of Kiran Bedi Team Anna Member

The news paper Indian Express reported that Team Anna Member Kiran Bedi
Charges her hosts business-class fares, but travels in economy class.
The paper further wrote that Kiran Bedi avails of a discount from Air
India - which she is entitled to as a Gallantry Award winner.

After this Kiran Bedi told to media that this is not a practice for personal gain. 'Business class travel is part of the invitation/entitlement from the event organizers/corporates which they pay.

But Kiran Bedi said that she travels in Economy class to save the money and the remaining funds go towards the NGO.

Super Cop Kiran Bedi said that she do not travel in an economy class for personal gains but she travels in economy class so money will be saved and given to NGO.
Any savings are deposited in the NGO she heads, India Vision Foundation

Kiran Bedi told to media and reporters that
"I get a lot of money through my lectures and royalty on books. I donate it to the NGOs,"

She further said that she herself downgraded her travel and even organizers knew about it. "The person is aware that I am downgrading my travel. Organizers appreciate it. They say we appreciate your gesture that you have saved money for the foundation."

Bedi said the institutions itself offer business class fare to her for attending their functions.

"When the invitation comes I take a decision whether I travel business class or I downgrade myself. I sometimes choose to do so and travel in economy class. The money so saved by travelling economy goes to the Foundation.

"There is no money which I withdraw. The invitation is to foundation, the cheque is to the foundation, the withdrawal is from the foundation and saved money is in foundation," she said.

She also said when NGOs invite her and they cannot afford, then she travels to them using the foundation money.

For me I do not think it’s a corruption but this shows the good management
What Kiran Bedi has done should be done by every Indian and mainly our Indian politicians who say that we do not have money for medicines and schools but who travel in Planes and Cars with 100 of body guards and cars.

This was the unknown side of Kiran Bedi, the side which has increased the respect for Kiran Bedi the Iron Lady of India.

Do you remember your collage days when your dad gave you 100 Rs to go to exam using Auto but you saved money by traveling in a Bus what is wrong in that?

Here in this case Kiran Bedi is saving money and she is not spending that money to buy new dresses but all the Money goes to NGO for the benefit of others.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

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aativas October 20, 2011  

I think the media is trying to find out 'news' - especially to malign Team Anna. One may have different opinion about what Kiran Bedi says. I am glad that Ms. Bedi has given a clear explanation.

Bikramjit Singh Mann October 20, 2011  

indian media is one that cant be trusted anymore . they will do anything to put something on their paper..

even if you do a good thing its portrayed to be bad ...

Amrit October 20, 2011  

That is a smart idea. Save money and pump to NGO. Great job Kiran Bedi

SM October 20, 2011  

Bikramjit Singh Mann, thanks.

Destination Infinity October 21, 2011  

The media should have done some groundwork before publishing that piece of news. It was clearly intended to malign the IAC movement. Perhaps it was a sponsored article?

What Kiran Bedi is doing is right. I don't see the point of traveling in business class. Only the people who are filthy rich - Rich and filthy, travel in business class in planes.

Destination Infinity

Jon October 23, 2011  

What if Raja simply says he pumped his money to some NGO? This is nt the way to PUMP

SM October 23, 2011  


We can not compare actions of Kiran Bedi with A.Raja.

A.Raja was the servant of Indian Citizens.
A.Raja was the custodian of our Indian citizen’s properties.

Xyz organization invites Kiran Bedi to give lecture.
So they pay her money for traveling.
Now XYZ organization paid Rs. 1000 to Bedi.
Now Kiran Bedi spends 500 Rs. And donates 500 Rs. NGO.

Here we must see that if organization can not invite Kiran Bedi for lecture she can not punish or trouble that organization in any way.

Kiran Bedi has not black mailed any organization by saying give me First class ticket or I will cancel your license.

Remember some threats unknown and never spoken one only knows when the action is taken against you by some authority.

A. Raja was the protector of my property and your property and property of every Indian Citizen he sold it purposefully and knowingly and we Indian citizens suffered losses.

Hope you got the point Thus Comparing A.Raja with Kiran Bedi is not right.

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