03 September 2011

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Strange Nation We live in and Say India is Shining Mera Bharat Mahan

Strange Nation We live in and Say India is Shining Mera Bharat Mahan

A nation where 70% Indians Earn Daily less than Rs.20

A nation where Rice is Rs. 40/- per kg and a SIM Card is free..

Where a pizza you have ordered reaches home faster than an ambulance or police, even if you were being murdered or having a heart attack..

Where a car loan is charged at 5% but an education loan, so necessary for our youth is charged an interest of 12%..

A nation where students with 45% get into elite institutions through the quota system and those with 90% are sent away because of merit..

Where a millionaire buys a cricket team, spending crores instead of donating the money to any charity. Where two IPL teams were auctioned at 3300 crores , yet still a poor country where people starve for two square meals per day.

A country where footwear is sold in AC showrooms, but the vegetables we eat, are sold on the footpath and very often next to garbage dumps.

Where everybody wants to be famous, not by doing good for others, but by looting others and finally getting their names in the newspapers through some scam or other!

It's a strange nation we live in, where complex buildings get ready within a year while public bridges, flyovers and sea links take several years even to get off the drawing board and another decade to be completed..

We are a nation where two brothers fight with each other for the nation's spoils, but the nation doesn't know that the two of them are cleverly looting the nation while we watch their mock battles..

We are a nation where political parties fight for the name sake and majority Indians just ignore because lack of knowledge or fear

We have malls, and sky-rises, with slums forming their boundary wall.

A country where men and women squat on railway tracks, with no where else to go. While watching them from windows, are couples with three bathrooms and one for the guests.

A country where politicians who are supposed to serve the people accept money from the same people they are supposed to serve, then take a salary from the government for their services to the people.

We are a nation where we talk in hushed whispers about the corruption in the country and then dig into our pockets to bribe a cop when we are caught cutting a red light.

We are a nation where Police will arrest you for planning a peaceful protest or fast but police will think 100 times before arresting a politician who is a criminal and will wait for the Supreme Court Orders

And we proudly say "MERA BHARAT MAHAN

Reality views by sm-
Saturday, September 03, 2011

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Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  

Thank you doctor (SM) for the MRI scan report.
The warning bells are ringing. Yes India is sick and needs treatment. It is a mess and we need to clean it up. Are we ready for the treatment? This can change. We just have to start working. Let's diagnose Who is responsible? what should be the treatment? We need to develop an anti-virus for this attack.
The responsibility lies on our shoulders - we the Indians.
We have started the treatment with Janlokpal. What next we need to filter the current law-makers there are many viruses in our system.
The corporates are the next, every limited company should take the social responsibility. I would also include even the individuals who make money more then they need. They should spend 25% of their net profit on social cause in their local area or where ever there is a need for social cause.
Very important issue on this problem is that the people who are affected and infected have to start the improvement from their side. Patient needs to be ready and positive to accept the treatment. There is a huge list of treatments which can be debated and discussed, but for sure we can change the above facts may be in just 5 years. I am sorry my post might go too long but we have to, how long are we going to run away from our problems. More to follow.

Usha September 03, 2011  

sm, well written..it hurts to read all those facts. Ineqality is too sharp in India, there is no way out for poor people to get out of vicious circle of poverty..no one to listen and care for the under-privileged and down-trodden sections of society.

I went through page skip feature..and now it is working perfect..I tried number wise skip and next skip, it is working. I guess you have 101 page limit because when I reach 101 page it ended on Feb 2011 post. thanks for all your hard work. :)

Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  
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रविकर September 03, 2011  

सरकारी बन्धुआ मिले, फ़ाइल रक्खो दाब,
किरण-केजरीवाल का, खेला करो खराब |

खेला करो खराब, बहुत उड़ते हैं दोनों --
न नेता न बाप, पटा ले जायँ करोड़ों |

कह सिब्बल समझाय, करो ऐसी मक्कारी,
नौ पीढ़ी बरबाद, डरे कर्मी-सरकारी ||

खाता बही निकाल के, देखा मिला हिसाब,
फंड में लाखों हैं जमा, लोन है लेकिन साब |

लोन है लेकिन साब, सूदखोरों सा जोड़ा,
निकले कुल नौ लाख, बचेगा नहीं भगोड़ा |

अफसर नेता चोर, सभी को एक बताता |
फँसा केजरीवाल, खुला घपलों का खाता ||

Kirtivasan Ganesan September 03, 2011  

The affairs in our country are indeed sad. So much discrepancy as pointed out by you.
The most important being is that people have lost faith in judiciary as a case may drag for ages. Middle class men are scared of courts more than jail. Poor men just sit silent in court overwhelmed by their problems. The rich creates witnesses and evidence and do not get punishment.
Another reason is Indians have a tendency to bow to the powerful. They do not bow before money or fame. (One of the reasons pointed out by Chetan Bhagat as a cause of stress for women)

Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  

Great compilation of information keep it up... One day we will see the rising Sun.

SM September 03, 2011  


RNSANE September 05, 2011  

Your article, "Strong Nation We Live In", was very sad. While the monetary numbers are
different here in the U. S., I think there is also a great deal of disparity here as well. Jobs, during this recession, are very hard to find. My city of San Francisco, one of the most loved by visiting tourists, has the highest homeless rate in the U. S. and it's not the indigent poor that swell its numbers, it's the middle income familes who have lost their jobs and their homes in these troubled times. Part of the problem, unfortunately is that house prices were so inflated. Imagine, half a
million dollars in the San Francisco area for a four bedroom, two bath home. People with the money can now go 100 miles north to the Sacramento area and find something really nice for only $200,000.

Of course, many people don't want to live in Sacramento.

American children have been indulged. They have to have designer jerseys and fancy footwear to "fit in" and to keep up with the other children. Everyone has to have an Iphone and an IPad and a Mac computer.

People have not had to suffer or go hungey. I suspect children in India know what it's like to have an empty belly and to carry great burdens on their shoulders.

Corruption certainly exists in both our countries - and in all the others of the world. It seems, though, that it's those who are the least viable suffer from it the most. How does it get resolved? I wish I knew.

SM September 05, 2011  


thanks.one of the Solution is Spreading of knowledge and more and more strict laws and more speedy justice.

Anonymous,  September 07, 2011  

@SM and AKS
Lets start the treatment with corrupt politicians

Then correct judiciary

Then correct the beurocracy

Then correct the Corporates

Then the Police etc etc

When all of become correct.......

We will think of correting ourself......

This is the way we Indians think and this is the reason you had to write this blog....

We have no body else to blame....
other than us....

sm,  September 08, 2011  

@Anonymous thanks.You have to learn lot.keep reading one day you will understand the power of knowledge.

Anonymous,  September 16, 2011  

which knowledge you are talking about ?
your reply to me shows basic problem with us
Just pass the blame to others
never look into ourselves
and you are no different
keep on blaming othere for every thing, never look in to your self
Please do some research and organise your thoughts before bloging

Anonymous,  September 17, 2011  

Dear Anonymous, thanks that you have accepted that we need treatment. "Lets start the treatment...."
We (including you and me) are already in one or the other field you mentioned politician, Judiciary, Police, Corporates, etc etc. Some way or other we are part of the process so please be in a positive mode and let us accept the facts. SM has just mentioned the disparity. So the treatment is need for everyone and we are going to be the first to be treated in some way or other. As far as knowledge is concerned awareness is the best knowledge. Are you aware of every thing in your world of concern? Make yourself aware and you will be surprised how much knowledge you gain.