23 September 2011

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MP Police Beat and Tie mentally challenged man like an Animal – Video Human Rights Violation

MP Police Beat and Tie mentally challenged man like an Animal – Video Human Rights Violation

Ram Krishna Agarwal is a 40 years old man.
He is mentally challenged.
He lives with his family in Satna in Madhya Pradesh.
Ram Krishna allegedly got into a fight with his neighbors in his village in Madhya Pradesh's Satna district because they were mocking his mental ability. When he got into a fight with them, neighbors called the police.
After that police arrived.

The head of the local police station - named Balbir Singh Jaggi is the one who is seen attacking Ram Krishna with brute force.

After that police tied his legs and drag him.

He has since been suspended by the state's Home Minister, Uma Shankar Gupta.

No Indian law allows any Police officer to beat Indians.
No Indian law allows any police officer to beat the Indian citizens like animals.

What is the use of suspension?

We need to reform Police laws and in such incident police officers should be fired from his job and tried under IPC.

Suspension means let the people forget the matter and we will reward and give you back your job .

Watch the video of Beating of naked mentally challenged man

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Friday, September 23, 2011

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Source – NDTV


skgupta September 25, 2011  

what else proof the administration to inquire into the matters, when torture to mentally retarded person is clearly visible in the video.Why the bloody cops were not dismissed and charged under IPC ????????????????? The seniors feels let the public forget the incidence, we will restore the culprit cops.

Kirtivasan Ganesan September 26, 2011  

The Last Judgement
Ramayana teaches about judgement. Lakshmana gives judgement to Soorpanaka for coveting Ram by cutting nose of her. The judgement of Lakshmana is correct as he gave punishment suitable to her as per Rakshasa law.
Ravana abducts Sita and keeps her in confinement.This was wrong as Ravana did not give judgement suitable to Sita as per Devas law.
Moral : You have to give judgement as per the convicts society.
India is one country. We are all one. We have one society. We have one judgement. The judgement is above everyone.

SM October 08, 2011  

skgupta thanks.Kirti,thanks