28 September 2011

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For Driving Saudi Female Sentenced to 10 Lashes

For Driving Saudi Female Sentenced to 10 Lashes

Saudi Arabia is a male dominated religious nation where status of female is equal to a cow or any other animal.

2 days back Saudi King Abdullah granted women the right to vote and run for public office, starting in 2015.
But I do not trust it let the 2015 come and actually let the world see that Saudi females are voting.

In July the woman, Shaimaa Ghassaneya, was found guilty of driving in Jidda
On Tuesday a court sentenced a woman to 10 lashes for violating religious rules.
In Saudi Arabia Females are not allowed to drive as per religious law.

Currently in Saudi Arabia educated females are encouraging each other use car and drive and break that religious law.

In May some women in Saudi Arabia called for the right to drive.
A campaign dubbed Women2Drive issued calls on social media such as Twitter and Facebook to challenge the ban.
Women have been encouraged to violate the driving ban in recent months, as part of the social media-driven Women2Drive campaign.
Campaign Page -

Najla Hariri, one of the women facing charges, told Reuters: "They called me in for questioning on a charge of challenging the monarch on Sunday... I signed a pledge not to drive again.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Kirtivasan Ganesan September 28, 2011  

How did the Saudi ladies get the license in the first place?
Saudi Arabia might be a male dominated religious country but no male should have given a license to the lady in the first place.
Thanks for indirectly pointing out the male dominance in Saudi Arabia, SM.

virendra sharma September 28, 2011  

Good to listen ,I want to believe it .

Saru Singhal September 28, 2011  

These countries take pride in what they are but they don't know how backward they are.


SM September 29, 2011