02 September 2011

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The Enforcement Directorate (ED Registered Case against Baba Ramdev and his trust for violations worth Rs.7 Crore

The Enforcement Directorate (ED Registered Case against Baba Ramdev and his trust for violations worth Rs.7 Crore

Updated – Friday, September 02, 2011

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) said that they found evidence of Ramdev and his trusts that is his various trusts including the Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust and Divya Yoga Mandir Trust and Bharat Swabhiman Trust receiving financial aid from the USA, Britain and New Zealand.Updated – Friday, September 02, 2011

Now The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has registered a case under the provisions of
Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) against Ramdev Baba and his trusts.

ED believes that Ramdev Baba and his trusts have broken the foreign exchange laws.

I read that IPL and BCCI also done something like this do not know what happened to those cases.

Ramdev and his trust reportedly received Rs 7 crore from Britain.
ED has slapped a case of foreign exchange violations worth Rs. 7 crore.

In a gift Ramdev Baba received Island in a Scotland from his followers.
the Enforcement Directorate had asked UK Government to share records of the purchase of The Little Cumbrae Island.
Ramdev's trust claims the island is valued at $2 million. The Enforcement Directorate says it is well over $20 million.
Now ED is also investigating that deal of Gift in which Baba Ramdev received Island as a gift.

Now The ED is verifying the holding patterns and other details of the companies through the Registrar of Companies (RoC) and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

ED is also probing that if Ramdev Baba or his trust has broken any RBI guidelines.
50 of his companies and trusts are under investigation.

Media reported that ED is investigating 2 transactions in which Baba Ramdev and his trusts sent money outside of India.
1. $300,000 transferred to a London bank
2. $80,000 sent to Madagascar in Africa.

ED has also written to officials in the island nation of Madagascar.

Baba Ramdev said he has not received any notice from the ED yet.

Why now the action is taken?

Why action was not taken the day Baba Ramdev received the gift?

Why action was not taken the day money was sent outside India?

Baba Ramdev is supporting Anna Hazare.
Baba Ramdev is saying bring the black money to India.
Baba Ramdev is saying declare all the black money as the national property of India.

Baba Ramdev is doing or talking which Common Indian citizens are afraid to do.

Let us hope we will get the speedy justice in this case. So Indian citizens will know Baba Ramdev is guilty or innocent otherwise next 50 Years the case will go on and it will become harassment for the honest people.

Updated – Friday, September 02, 2011

TOI reported that Still ED has not registered a case against Ramdev Baba.
A senior ED official told TOI that No complaint has been filed against his trusts so far as investigation has not yet been concluded. As of today, no Fema violation has been established against him or his trusts,"

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Reality views by sm-
Friday, September 02, 2011

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Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  

Dear SM, I beg to differ with your views on Baba Ramdev. Crime done at any time in history remains crime. There is no reason why ED cannot ask now. I feel if Baba Ramdev is really dedicated to nation's welfare he should part away all his wealth in progress of poor and down trodden. The charity begins at HOME. We are not afraid of asking the government to bring back the black money that baba Ramdev is asking. Why is he not bringing in the money and wealth that he has in different countries??

Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  

Baba Ramdev wants to be Osho in Annaji's shoes!!

sm,  September 03, 2011  

thanks.I just hope No one should be harass on the name of inquiry.
If he is guilty finish the case in one year or six months and let the Indians know truth about Baba Ramdev.
It is not crime to make money.
its crime to make money by breaking laws. If Ramdev Baba broke laws punish him if not then leave him.

Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  

I read your blogged on 23rd feb http://realityviews.blogspot.com/2011/02/baba-ramdev-his-properties-and-politics.html?
Why Baba Ramdev needs profiting organisation. He claims to be spiritual guru why is he not running non-profit organisation?? To me he seems to be one more cheat just like one of our politicians.

sm,  September 03, 2011  

I support the demands of Ramdev Baba i do not know why he is making money.
For me Benefit of India is important not the person.
Very few rich Indian people talk about making good laws for the future of India.

Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  

Yes I agree "It is not crime to make money"
Your post (list of questions) seems to be more on protecting Baba Ramdev then taking action against him.
But then Baba Ramdev has not paid taxes for his gifts received, he has also evaded taxes on income of the so called medical facilities etc. etc. He has income generation in foreign countries where is the tax paid?? I am sure all those who have paid and gifted Baba Ramdev have black money generation why is he not asking his followers who are paying him in bulks to give up their black money pay taxes and be a nice citizen just like he tell them how to hold your breath for minutes? He should release the list of names of his donors in public.

Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  

I think it is time all spiritual gurus who have built empires, shri shri Ravisankar, Asharam, all temple trusts, etc come out in open and show what is their wealth and how much taxes they have evaded and ask their followers to pay the tax immediately.
I think under the name of religion and spirituality there is more black money then even in swiss banks.

sm,  September 03, 2011  

Yes lot of black money is their in business of religion.
If Baba Ramdev is guilty punish him.
As i do not know about he has not paid any taxes or taxes are pending against his trusts.
Just hope the truth will come out as early as possible.

Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  

The truth will never come out, because Baba or his followers who are involved, will bribe the ministers and officials to close the case or let us put it other way minister and officials will take their pay check from Baba and leave him on years of investigation. Baba should go on fast to expedite the investigation against him with a time line say. If you do not prove me right or wrong within 3 months I will go on to fast at Ramlila. He should go on fast to prove that he is innocent, clean and uncorrupted.

SM September 03, 2011  

Aks thanks.
HE should go on fast.
This is the reason i always say support demand and do not see the person and his education.If demand is good for all Indians support it because corrupt people see that good laws are not passed in India.