09 September 2011

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Do you think Corruption by Public Servants can be minor and major – Government think so what should be punishment for minor and major corruption

Do you think Corruption by Public Servants can be minor and major – Government think so what should be punishment for minor and major corruption

Currently what happens in India that majority times public officer gets retired but the case does not make any progress and in this time of 20 to 30 years the evidence gets lost and after retirement nothing happens as no evidence and many other problems.

For me I think this is nothing but legalization of corruption by Indian Government without any law.

Now government of India has realized that corruption is increasing in India and they have decided to take the steps which will deter the public servants and will stop them from doing corruption.

Government think corruption can be of two types and the public officer should be punished as per his type of corruption minor corruption and major corruption

The following suggestions are given by the GoM on corruption headed by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee and accepted by the government for implementation.

the Group of Ministers on corruption has suggested following –

1. Cases of public servants accused of graft will be fast tracked by quickening the process of approvals.

2. There is also a proposal to ensure that disciplinary action is decided within a year of a complaint being received.

3. Minor penalties will attract a cut in pension up to 10% which will be imposed for five years. Public officers will face a 10% loss of pension for minor cases of corruption

4. major penalties will be a 20% lifelong cut in pension. Public officers will face a 20% cut for major infringements that lead to compulsory retirement from service.

5. officers compulsorily retired for non-performance will not suffer any cut in pension

Such type of punishments and classification of corruption will increase the corruption and these above punishments will not deter any public officer they will happily do the corruption.

Just think how much pension a government officer gets.
Few thousand rupees and he will take a bribe of millions of Rupees and if got caught he or she will lose only 10 or 20% as a punishment.

After reading this I thought it will be better if Public officers will be given right to charge extra payments for the work they do.

Legalize the corruption for clearing every government file.
Fix the charge on every activity , fix the charge of every government table and chair, few government servants sit on the chairs and salute everyone.

Example -

Want passport - Pay the XYZ Rs. to every one when you will visit to the passport office from peon to head of department.

If you are honest with your job then fire the public officer who is found guilty as fast as possible and suspend him until the case is decided.

Make a law that corruption case will be decided in a month and public officer if found guilty will go to jail until his death and all his property will be taken by government of India.

Better is give them Death Punishment on live television so Every Indian can see what happens when someone does corruption.

Do you think a rape of women can be minor or major.
Rape is a rape and he must be punished for life imprisonment.

For me corruption is a rape of Indian society , this means bribe taker rapes the Indian society of 1 billion people.

What you think do you think a corruption can be minor and major.

Corruption is a corruption and deserves a death punishment or imprisonment until death without right to bail and right to pardon.

PS. –
I am sorry if you feel I used bad language or cross the limit. I do not intend to hurt the feelings of anyone.

Reality views by sm –
Friday, September 09, 2011

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Anonymous,  September 09, 2011  

Well said, yes corruption is corruption and cannot be accepted as legal.
The recommendations are not acceptable.
Illness is illness cannot be considered as major or minor.

“Public officers will be given right to charge extra payments for the work they do" I do not agree that corruption should be made legal hence I do not agree that officer should be paid per his job done. They are already paid salary for their work done.
I think we need to go to the root cause why the corruption generates.
I think here we should go in the process of asking “WHY”

Why the corruption is done or generated?

Problem no 1 - First reason of the corruption generates because the file does not move, why file does not move because there is no time limit fixed for clearing a file by any given officer. Corruption initiated from the government side.

Solution -1 So we need Citizen's charter fixing the time limit on each work done by the each officer.

Problem-2 Second reason why the corruption generates is there are certain discrepancies in the submission which as per law do not justify the sanction of the file. The officer has the right to overlook such discrepancies and for that he gets bribed. Corruption initiated from the Citizen’s side.

Solution-2 To over come this issue we need simplified procedure and laws. The laws of our country are so complicated that any officer can take the shelter of rules and regulations to take the bribe.

Problem -3 Third reason why corruption generates is the difference between the demand and supply. In our country there is a huge demand for every thing and government intentionally mulls that giving fuel to the fire of corruption.
Think about it if the thing we need is in surplus supply then why would I give bribe to acquire it.

Problem 4 - Fourth issue is that we do not have competition for the officer or the department or within the department.

Solution 4 - What amount of work is done by each individual and the department as a whole should be disclosed in public. For example how many passports are issued by each passport offices in our country should be released online by the departments, similarly may be the case for issuing ration card, driving licenses, etc. One more example of this I am sure everyone some time or other must have experienced the problem of making a reservation at railway booking office. There are 6 to 10 counters all the booking clerks make booking, a scheme or encouraging this clerks should be implemented say who ever does the highest number of booking in a month gets his name on the huge board in the booking office and an appreciation. bonus, etc etc.. this will increase the moral of the officers working.
The major problem is that the moral of our society has degraded to such a extend that even the people of minister levels and MDs and CEO do not feel ashamed that they go to jail for their bad deeds, corruption. What can change this? The appreciation of the people who do good and acknowledge the good work by the public and the government.
This are just my initial views I am sure if we dig further with the Q of Why we will get the answers and solutions to the problems.
Corruption is just one type of AIDs we need to find a vaccine for it.

deeps September 09, 2011  

Happy Onam anyway.... the celebration reminds us of a time when there was a ruler who was corrupt-free!!!

Bikram September 09, 2011  

SM corruption is corruption major or minor .. Recently during the Looting (riots) in Uk, examples were made a person who stole something worth 2 or 3 pounds was jailed for 6 months ..

Thatds what need to be done .. for any crime 100Rs bribe or a million .. They all need to ROT in jail for yearsss.. Set an example is a MUST .. I know its cruel but then it is a crime ...


sm,  September 09, 2011  


Anonymous,  September 09, 2011  

If crime done today then why the punishment after year when you retire????
GoM need to rethink the recommendations.

Renu September 09, 2011  

Punishment for every corruption and it should be meted out fast, that only can deter the people.

Cheryl September 09, 2011  

I agree that punishment would act as a deterrent sm

Arti September 09, 2011  

Just a way to twist things and protect ministers when they get caught!!
Corruption is the same and we should have stringent punishment to curb the same.

virendra sharma September 09, 2011  

Till such time he /she will continue to take bribe and will get immunized .
Just a 10/20%cut post retirement and long rope for a life time.

Teamgsquare September 09, 2011  

Informative post . Hope govt must act sensibly .

sm,  September 10, 2011  

AKS,thanks.Renu,thanks.cheryl thanks.Arti,thanks.
veerubhai,thanks.Team G square,thanks.