07 September 2011

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Cash for Vote Scam – Amar Singh Sent to 14 days Judicial Custody joins team of CWG scam stars –

Cash for Vote Scam – Amar Singh Sent to 14 days Judicial Custody joins team of CWG scam stars –

Cash for vote scam happened in Year 2008 but as politicians the king and owners of India were involved the investigative agencies did not do any progress.

The cash-for-vote scam involved bribing BJP MPs to cross-vote in favor of the Congress in July 2008 during the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Agreement.

The police report alleges that at Amar Singh's behest, Sanjeev Saxena, supposedly Singh’s secretary, bribed three BJP MPs. Suhail Hindustani, an activist of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, acted as a facilitator during the entire exercise that was videographed by a television news channel as part of a “sting operation”

Shortly after the sting operation was carried out, the BJP MPs had waved wads of currency notes and placed them on the table of the House, leading to much furore.

The “bribe money” and recordings were then submitted to the Speaker and a Parliamentary committee that enquired into the scam had recommended a probe.

The probe was conducted by Delhi Police which was slammed by the Supreme Court for its “non-serious approach” to the matter.

After the Supreme Court order the investigative agencies do something they started to take action against in Cash for vote scam.

But investigative agencies did not touch Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh I do not know why he was not arrested before this.

On Tuesday Delhi Court denied Bail to Amar Singh after that police took the action.

Investigative agencies waited and only took action when Court ordered them.
After his arrest Amar Singh was sent to 14-day judicial custody by a Delhi court.

After Rajya Sabha MP and former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh and two other accused - former BJP MPs Faggan Singh Kulaste and Mahavir Singh Bhagora - have been arrested and sent to judicial custody till September 19.

After that police took him to Tihar Jail and now Amar Singh has joined the team of 4 other Member of Parliament politicians who are also lodged in Tihar Jail.

Amar Singh is the fifth MP to be lodged inside Tihar Prison
Following are the 4 Politicians who are in Tihar Jail now
1. Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi
2. former telecom minister A Raja,
3. sacked CWG OC chairman Suresh Kalmadi
4. former Jharkhand chief minister Madhu Koda

PTI reported that he was taken to Jail hospital first after landing in Tihar Jail
After that Jail officers decided to put him in jail number three. 15X10 feet cell in Tihar Prison.

Jail number three also houses Lalit Bhanot and V.K. Verma, both arrested for their alleged involvement in the CWG scam and Surendra Pipara, Hari Nair, Sharad Kumar, Sanjay Chandra, Vinod Goenka and Karim Morani all arrested in 2G spectrum case.

Amar Singh will not share any space with alone he will enjoy the privacy in Tihar Jail.
Mr. Singh has a ‘single-occupancy’ cell which is 15X10 feet in size and has a television set.

I do not know Tihar Jail got Dish TV or Tata Sky or Doordarshan.

I do not know Jail officers allow the accused to watch MTV or Fashion TV or Doordarshan News in Tihar Jail.

When petty offenders go to jail, petty offenders who go to Jail they share a small room with many petty offenders.

Common citizens when go to jail they do not enjoy anything in Jail.
But if you are rich you will get everything in Jail.

I do not know why the delay was made in this cash for vote scam.

I do not know from which Bank the notes were issued.
If police want they can find out the source of currency from which bank the money was withdrawn.

For Corruption demand death punishment or 1000 years jail term without bail and without pardon.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

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Renu September 07, 2011  

where is his Bade bhaiya:)

रविकर September 07, 2011  

अमर दोहे

Sanjay Dutt, Manyata and Amar Singh
व्यर्थ सिंह मरने गया, झूठ अमर वरदान,
दस जनपथ कैलाश से, सिब-बल अंतरध्यान |
इतना रुपया किसने दिया ?

फुदक-फुदक के खुब किया, मारे कई सियार,
सोचा था खुश होयगा, जन - जंगल सरदार |
जिन्हें लाभ वे कहाँ ??

साम्यवाद के स्वप्न को, दिया बीच से चीर,
बिगड़ी घडी बनाय दी, पर बिगड़ी तदबीर |
परमाणु समझौता

अर्गल गर गल जाय तो, खुलते बन्द कपाट,
जब मालिक विपरीत हो, भले काम पर डांट |
हम तो डूबे, तम्हें भी ---

दुनिया बड़ी कठोर है , एक मुलायम आप,
परहित के बदले मिला, दुर्वासा सा शाप |
मुलायम सा कोई नहीं

खट मुर्गा मरता रहे, अंडा खा सरदार,
पांच साल कर भांगड़ा, जय-जय जय सरकार |

दिगम्बर नासवा September 07, 2011  

अगर सरकार चाहे तो सब सच सामने आ सकता है पर वो नहीं चाहेंगे अपने आप को नंगा करना ...

SM September 07, 2011  

Ravikar,thanks.दिगम्बर नासवा, thanks.

Rama Ananth September 08, 2011  

Few other people also must be caught, especially Sushma Swaraj. They should experience, the hardships like the regular criminals do, and they should be sentenced for life.