10 September 2011

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Ayurved Know 3 types of Prakruti Vaat Pitta Cough and diet as per Prakruti type

Ayurved Know 3 types of Prakruti Vaat Pitta Cough and diet as per Prakruti type

What is the meaning of word Prakruti?

Prakruti means health.

According to Ayurved Prakruti that is health is made up of three elements.

1. Vaat – Vaat means motion, mobility

2. Pitta – Pitta means conversion

3. Cough – Cough means fusion

In above categories Ayurved fixes your type of health.

Example is Mr. A can have Pitta Prakruti and his wife B can have Vaat Prakruti.
and their kid may have mix prakruti.

As per the health type or element the person should maintain his eating habits and all types of habits to remain young and healthy.

Majority time’s people find that their health is made of 2 types of elements
That is Vaat plus Pitta or Pitta plus Cough or in other combinations.

So one has to understand his own type of Prakruti and he should follow the diet accordingly his Prakruti that is health Type.

Once you understand in which category your health belongs
then you should modify your diet and health habits.

One should follow the diet according to his own Health Type

Let us understand in which type of category our health belongs

What is your Prakruti category?

Vaat Prakruti Symptoms –

1. Body structure – Slim

2. Skin – Dry

3. Hair – Dry, thin

4. Sleep – less and easily getting disturbed

5. Hunger – very severe sometimes

6. Memory – cognition perfect but short duration

7. Ability – very much always energetic

8. Tolerability – less

9. Concentration – less

Pitta Prakruti Symptoms -

1. Body structure – medium balanced

2. Skin – soft, dry

3. Hair – thin and fuming grey early

4. Sleep – alert sleep

5. Hunger – very severe

6. Memory – grasping and cognition best

7. Ability – efficient

8. Tolerability – medium

9. Concentration – medium

Cough Prakruti symptoms -

1. Body structure – Healthy

2. Skin – oily, soft

3. Hair –thick ,soft

4. Sleep – calm very much

5. Hunger – not much trouble come even during fasting

6. Memory – memory last for long , grasping less

7. Ability – calm and composed

8. Tolerability – very tolerable

9. Concentration – good

Now once you know your type of Prakruti
the next stage comes is taking diet and eating as per health type and
Avoiding foods which are not suitable for our type of Prakruti.

Vaat Prakruti –

Following is the suggested diet for Vaat Prakruti –

1. Sweet ,
2. sour, s
3. salty,
4. nutritious
5. hot items

Suggested exercise for Vaat Prakruti –
1. Light walk
2. oil massage
3. warm clothes
4. Proper rest

Vaat Prakruti type people should avoid following things – avoid or take care of

1. Astringent
2. Bitter
3. cold items in less quantity
4. more case in winter
5. avoid constant exposure to cold
6. awakening sesamel late hours

Pitta Prakruti –

Following is the suggested diet and exercise for Pitta Prakruti People

1. sweet - diet
2. astringent - diet
3. bitter - diet
4. cold – diet
5. winter sports
6. swimming
7. light cotton dress
8. meal at scheduled time

Pitta Prakruti people should avoid following things – avoid or take care of

1. hot – food
2. spicy – food
3. salty food items
4. more case in summer
5. avoid going out in the sun
6. Consent exposure to hot

Cough Prakruti –

Following is the suggested diet and exercise for the Cough Prakruti people –

1. items astringent
2. bitter
3. spicy items
4. light diet
5. Summer – Heavy exercise, Moderate diet , sleep, warm clothes

Following are the things Cough Prakruti people should avoid or should take care of

1. Nutritious , sweet , sour , oily items in less quantity

2. more case in rainy winter

3. avoid water, moist air, sleep during day time

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

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Unknown April 28, 2017  

Mashallah good explain

Mohini Kishore October 25, 2017  

Such a good information, thanks a lot.

Jenny December 10, 2017  

It's, hard to recognise what type of your body is all about, what if a person have all three of these or mix prakruti as you explained above?

Unknown September 23, 2018  

Sir vaat pitt and cough ko simple hindi me kya bolte hai