11 September 2011

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Anna Hazare Janlokpal Bill Team Anna Next move action plan and demands for the corruption free India

Anna Hazare Janlokpal Bill Team Anna Next move action plan and demands for the corruption free India

On Sunday two day meeting of Team Anna in Ralegan Siddhi ended.
Hazare presided over the two-day meeting which was attended by Kejriwal, former police officer Kiran Bedi, jurist Shanti Bhushan and National Alliance of People's Movement leader Medha Patkar, besides representatives of other organizations from all over India.

Team Anna was gathered to discuss and decide the next plan of action so that Government of India servants will pass the strong Jan Lokpal Bill for the India in parliament.

Team Anna also decided that to take up the issue of electoral reforms with Chief Election Commissioner SY Qureishi starting with incorporation of Right to Reject and Right to Recall candidates in forthcoming elections.

Now Team Anna has decided to conduct a referendum on the Jan Lokpal Bill in the constituencies of parliamentary standing committee members and party presidents asking
if people will vote for a candidate who does not support the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Now Anna Hazare will write a letter to Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh asking for his opinion on the right to recall and right to reject MPs.

Team Anna also said that now they will travel to the states that are going
to polls in the next few months and will educate people.

Anna Hazare said that if politicians do not support Jan Lokpal Bill and do not pass the Jan Lokpal Bill then no one should vote for that politician in next elections.

Anna Hazare also said that do not take law into your own hands.

If politicians do not support the Jan Lokpal Bill then supporters should gather at the home of that MP and should sing the Bhajans.
Singing of Bhajans outside his home may change his attitude.
Supporters should sing Mahatma Gandhi's favourite bhajan, "Raghupati Raghav Rajaram".

Anna also said that he will start 3rd agitation if Government do not pass the strong Janlokpal Bill.

Anna Hazare said that I will campaign against MPs opposing the Jan Lokpal Bill in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections,”

Anna also spoke about the Toll collection check post
Anna demanded that Each toll post must prominently display the names and other details of the contractors who collect the huge toll amounts daily. After the full cost of the projects are recovered, toll collections must be stopped,"

Regarding right to reject Anna Hazare said that There should be an option 'none of the above' in the electronic voting machine and if this option gets the maximum vote’s then re-election should be ordered. Team Anna will also meet the chief election commissioner to demand that `the none of the above' option be given during the forthcoming civic elections.

Regarding next plans Anna said that will demand

1. annual performance audits of MPs,
2. right to recall elected representatives, right to reject candidates contesting elections
3. mandatory approval of gram sabha before acquiring any land.

Arvind Kejriwal said that Anna wanted an audit of MPs to fix responsibility. "On December 23, 2008 the parliament passed 17 bills and in the period between 2004 to 2009 only 89 MPs spoke in the house which raised questions about their functioning. The MPs are elected to run the country hence their annual performance audit is essential,"

Aruna Roy and Janlokpal Bill –

Arvind Kejriwal said that the charge leveled by activist Aruna Roy about team Anna not being ready for discussion on the Janlokpal bill. "She is not speaking right.
Arvind Kejriwal said that they discuss the bill with Aruna Roy on April 3,4, 16 and end of April. We also went to meet her later but she did not let us into her house.
He also said that Aruna Roy has made a concept note of Lokpal Bill and not a draft.

Team Anna Member Prashant Bhushan said that Team Anna will appoint a three-member committee of retired judges of the Supreme Court or the High Court, which will investigate cases of corruption against its members and the movement. “We will appoint the committee and ensure that the members of the committee are unbiased and honest,”

Arvind Kejriwal told that The Public Cause of Research Foundation, which launched the India Against Corruption movement, would release, by October 15, a special audit of the expenditure of the entire movement, from April 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011. The core committee members would also declare their assets by then.

Kiran Bedi told that now people start to carry the I am Anna Cap while visiting government offices for their work.
She told to supporters that "Do not wear the cap when you enter the office. If someone demands bribe, just pull 'Anna cap' out of the bag and show it to the corrupt official to create fear,"

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Monday, September 12, 2011

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BK Chowla, September 12, 2011  

Anna now wants to yatra to all those states which go for polls in 2012

SM September 13, 2011  

@BK Chowla,
Yes its excellent and perfect step to educate people to vote and vote using brains.