19 September 2011

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2002 Riot Victims write Open Letter to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi Letter from Jan Sangharsh Manch as Narendra Modi Upvaas

2002 Riot Victims write Open Letter to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi Letter from Jan Sangharsh Manch as Narendra Modi Upvaas

2002 Riot Victims write Open Letter to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi Letter from Jan Sangharsh Manch as Narendra Modi Upvaas

The 2002 Gujarat riots victims sent a letter to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi.

Below is the text of letter written by Gujarat riot victims.

Dear Narendrabhai

Why do you have to undertake this “Sadbhavna Mission” by observing three days

No other Chief Minister of the 26 States in India has to do such a “prayaschit”
to earn sadbhavna!

Have you finally realized after about a decade that all the so called “developmental” publicity cannot earn you the faith, respect and love of the people?

You are quite good at story telling.

Do you remember the story of king Midas? Whatever
he touched turned into gold. Your supporters say you have the Midas touch of turning
Gujarat into Swarnim Gujarat.

But do you remember that despite all his power, Midas thirsted for just a glass of water, like you are thirsting for the love and respect of the victims of the 2002 riots?
No amount of power or arrogance gave Midas his glass of water nor will you get your sadbhavana with all your developmental publicity!

You say all your critics are liars! Is it a lie that in the months of February and March 2002, over a thousand helpless men, women and children were butchered all over Gujarat with your police watching the mobs looting and killing??

Is it a lie that you were the Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time?

If you were so great a Chief Minister as you claim today,why couldn’t you protect these innocent, helpless Muslims??

In fact, why did you fail to protect the innocent 58 passengers of Sabarmati Express who also died in the terrible fire on 27th February, 2002??

You say that you are not guilty of the mass murders of those days!

If you are not guilty then tell us who are guilty? Tell us why your police failed to prosecute them because of which Supreme Court had to appoint SIT?

Tell us why even after SIT was appointed, all those who were arrested including Mayaben Kodnani and Jaydeep Patel are roaming freely in this State?

Tell us why POTA was applied to only Muslim accused?
Tell us why the muslim accused were not granted bail and most of them have been convicted and even sentenced to death! Tell us why the accused of the Naroda Patiya or Gulberg massacre have not been convicted till today??

Tell us why the blame of the Haren Pandya murder was falsely put on the muslim boys who had to suffer 8 years in jail till they were acquitted by the high court?

Tell us why Sameer Khan Pathan, Sadiq Jamal, Ishrat Jahan, Sohrabuddin, Kausar, Tulsi
Prajapati and several others were murdered in fake encounters and in every FIR it was
alleged that they were intending to kill you?

Did you ever investigate why every FIR made such an allegation regarding you? If such an allegation was false, did you take any action against the police officers who killed them?

Or did you give them promotions??

Are you celebrating the pain of the victims or are you trying to confuse the people by
organizing the five-star programme to give an impression that the cases against you have
been closed?

Narendrabhai, you may turn Gujarat into a heaven for a handful of rich and powerful.

But have you ever peeped into the hell through which we the victims and community as a
whole is going through? No, you have not and we know, you have no desire or intention to give us Justice. We therefore dismiss your “Sadbhavana Mission” as just another publicity stunt.

On our part, we declare that we have no ill feeling towards our Hindu brothers and sisters despite our terrible loss and sufferings.

We are both the victims of powerful political forces whose strength lies in our division.

We alone can create “Sadbhavana” by uniting and defeating the forces of fraud and deception for vote politics.

You may be doing all this for your great ambition to become PM of the country, but we have only one small demand- WE WANT JUSTICE.

Your riot victim citizens.

Jan Sangharsh Manch

September 18, 2011

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Monday, September 19, 2011

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Renu September 19, 2011  

when people and politicians of two states want to forgive even the perpetrators of crime against state and leaders,then why so much hatred against Modi only..he made some mistakes, but he has done a lot for the state too...and gujatrat is not the only state to have riots..even Mumbai had, the Delhi had in 84, then why this discrimination?

virendra sharma September 19, 2011  

Good to read this post .A victim is a victim .

Sandhya September 19, 2011  

Narendra Modi is a capable leader and he has shown it. Why Mumbaikars are not showing this much hatred to Shiv Sena?

Kirtivasan Ganesan September 19, 2011  

Gujarat is the pride of India. I think it was Anil Ambani who said "Gujarat is to India what India is to the world".
Riots are a shame to human race. By doing Sadhbhavna upvaas hope peace prevails and brings goodwill among Gujaratis.

sm,  September 19, 2011  


crime is a crime and criminal must be punished Hope judiciary will give the justice to victims.

deeps September 19, 2011  

Interestingly past is ‘past’, and the glorious present somehow make us forget what has happened…and justice too!!

will he say oneday like Lady Macbath, "Will all the water in the ocean wash this blood from my hands?"

Anonymous,  September 19, 2011  

Dear Renu, I can see your affection for Mr NM, but how can we allow a culprit to roam free after he has done an intentional crime?? If some one kills your dear and near one will you allow him to live free??? Would you agree that Kasab should be let free? What does BJP says about Afsal Guru?? I think people can only make a real and correct decision when they become victim of such crime.