24 August 2011

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Team Anna and Govt Complete Failure – Police Force May be Used on Ramlila Maidan – Kiran Bedi –

Team Anna and Govt Complete Failure – Police Force May be Used on Ramlila Maidan – Kiran Bedi –

Updated on Thursday, August 25, 2011 12.25 AM

9th Day of Anna on Fast – Talks Fail between Govt.and Team Anna

Kiran Bedi Tweeted that Police force may be used and Anna will be taken out from
Ramlila Maidan.

On 9th day of fast the real face of Indian Politicians come out all the talks failed and government said Fast of Anna is not our problem it is your problem to Team Anna.

All party meet also failed.

Politicians do not have time for Lokpal Bill but they were seen enjoying eating and attending parties in luxuries.

All parties told that Anna should stop his fast.

Democracy means what we select the demon and then he rapes us every day and we have no options but to wait for the day When Bhagat Singh will born again.

Once again India needs Bhagat Singh and his team as well as Bose only then we can change.

Updated on Thursday, August 25, 2011 12.25 AM

Kiran Bedi told that Police force will not be used.

Anna Hazare told to his supporters that if Police tries to arrest him, let them arrest him, do not oppose police force.
Keep peace, do not indulge in violence.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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raji August 25, 2011  

o god! conclusion of the whole fats iss going to be like this?police and political power overruling ?

Amrit August 25, 2011  

What is wrong with these guys? If masses can make British run, these are just puppets. When will they realize the reality?

SM August 25, 2011  


chitra August 25, 2011  

I hope no untoward incidents happen...Team Anna was disappointed yesterday.

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 25, 2011  

No political party will be interested in spoiling their vote bank by introducing citizen charter and lower bureaucracy corruption.
I still feel that Anna must give up fast. If a poor man is asked a bribe for water connection, then he can contact Lokpal or Lokayukta. Why should someone make things easy for him by giving him a time frame?
Anna should conserve his energy and end fast. In future he can focus on privatisation of essential services like water, electricity, ration card, driving license. This will give employment and corruption control will be better too.